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WOD Challenge 08-31-21

I can’t think of anything to say about today’s word of the day except that the doctors and nurses at the hospital did not act supercilious with us at all!

Dave shaving Gus, my dad.

Over the weekend, Dave assisted Dad in taking a shower, and then later gave him a very good shave. I think he used every tool he had to “get er done”! Electric razor, disposable-but quality-razor with shaving cream, and a trimmer, to get all those pesky old man hairs.

Yesterday was a nightmare compared to today. When I went to Dads room yesterday to check on him and see if he was awake yet, imagine my horror at finding the bed empty and free of two of the 4 pillows. Cautiously making my way around the bed, not knowing what I was going to find, my heart was beating out of my chest and the spit completely left my mouth when I saw him laying on the floor, eyes closed but breathing and not apparently hurt, with two of the pillows under his head.

I went to grab my phone, thinking I’m going to take a picture and send it to Dave, when I came back, he was awake and attempting to get up. Well, that wasn’t happening, even with me trying to help. I got Dave right before he got to work and asked him to come back please and help me get him off the floor. He did, and he stayed until we had him dressed, his new wounds patched up (tore up his elbows this time) and back in his chair. He swears he fell out of bed, but I’m not buying it. He got up and was trying to get dressed and fell, more likely.

Then, thinking he was still backed up, I gave him his Miralax and apple juice before his breakfast. I’ll not share the results of that, trust me, it was no party. I did laundry twice yesterday because he went through three pairs of shorts, but thank goodness, only one time was number 2. I must have cleaned the sink from meals and cooking 4 times, on top of my regular housework, in between getting him up every hour to move around on his walker. He gets so stiff, he can barely shuffle, then tries to hurry, so I keep hold of his belt loop. Modesty is gone now, I have to help with everything. That’s why while Dave was here, we got a good shower. I’m hoping he will do it again tonight.

Today has been much better. While Dave was still here, I went in to check on Dad, I could tell he had been up, but was sitting on the edge of the bed. Naked except for his pj top. I called Dave and he helped him with dressing before going to work. Kevin took the morning off to come sit with Dad while I went to have my tests done; mammogram and bone density test. Then I went to the bank and picked up my meds. My brain is so muddled, I could not remember my account number at the bank. When I got home Kevin asked me why I went to the bank. I had stupidly forgot that all I have to do is take a picture of a check to deposit it. But, in my defense, I did need cash back, so 😛.

Our initial visit with home health was during lunchtime, naturally, but went fine as it was mainly questions, vitals, and paperwork to get him in the system. Tomorrow, one of the therapists will come, either occupational or physical I don’t know yet. I’m sure Dad thinks he is fine to go home, but he is definitely not ready for that. If I could still get him into the rehab facility, I would.

Maybe once they see how bad it really is, they could suggest it get done or something. We’ll see. I personally think it’s time for an assisted living facility myself. I don’t know what good physical therapy will be, because Parkinson’s is a debilitating disease. You don’t get stronger, you just find better ways to get things done. I’m hoping they convince him that he must keep using the walker and cannot go back to a cane, but we’ll see what they say. He needs medication management, because if I leave it to him, he forgets to take it, or messes with what pills go where, not trusting that I know how to do it.

Speaking of that, it’s time for his medication, so I’ll update more later. Have a good Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 08-31-21

  1. Many prayers are continuing, and thank you so much for updating! For a long time doctors even wondered why it was important for someone with ataxia which is a debilitating disease exercise with a PT? I am living proof that exercise does help even if it is just to maintain what you’ve got! He has lost so much so far which is not his fault it is just the way the damn disease works! Prayers for you and for Dave. I hope that answers come soon!

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    • Thank you so much, and you are welcome I’m sure there will be good days and bad days to come, but I’m hopeful PT will make a difference. My sorrow is I know he expects to go home, but neither Dave nor I think he ever will. I’m praying God opens the right door for all of us.

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  2. I do not know if he ever really either however, that doesn’t mean that PT cannot help him. I do realize that he is expecting a different outcome than the cards he is going to be dealt. My prayer is also that is mindsets will prepare him for what is to come. Not saying that it will be all negative that maybe not all positive either.

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    • So true, and as usual, I have to exercise patience and remind myself that I chose for him to be here with me. It’s not his fault, none of this is his fault, except that he refuses to accept his limitations. Had he not gone outside to try and help Sean-for instance-he wouldn’t have fallen that first time on the driveway…with garden shears in his hand! If he listened to me, and not tried to get up in his room, he wouldn’t have fallen. Is he stubborn, or does he have dementia is what I’m trying to figure out. At least he came to terms with having to wear the undergarments, but they are t perfect. I still have to do laundry every day because they leak. We both have many challenges ahead, but we will get through it. Thanks so much for your prayers and support 🤗🥰


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