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SoCS 08-28-21 Sprung!

The lovely Linda Hill suggests we start our SoCS with this:

Your Friday Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is “my”. Start your post with the word “My”. Bonus points if you end your post with “yours”. Enjoy!

My dad is finally out of the hospital, but sadly did not get approved for rehab. He will be at my house until Tuesday when Home Health is supposed to start. I’m not holding my breath, but I am saying a prayer that they do.

He is not exactly happy about the arrangement. Kevin came over with dinner for us all (from Boston Market 😋) and when we were done eating, he got up to go home and mow. Dad proceeded to get up on his walker and go with him and we had to tell him, “No, Dad, you are staying here.” I explained it all in the hospital, but he either forgot, or was being obstinate. That’s the problem with trying to figure out is it dementia or just him being obstinate.

I distracted him, once we were seated again, and had him play me in a game of Words With Friends. It’s important he exercise his brain as well as his body. He can still play the game, he just has trouble with the device trying to do everything else. Starting, stopping, or if the page moves away, getting it back. It’s funny he can make words with the letters on the game, but if I ask him to write what he’s trying to say to me on the white board, what he wants to say does not translate to the board anymore. For example last night he wanted to know if Sean was coming over but he wrote More Sean? Sometimes I can make out what he’s saying, other times we have to try again.

In the meantime, Kevin and I are still looking at possibilities for placement when it becomes necessary, like an assisted living facility or skilled nursing care facility. We do have that meeting with the VA next month, and he is also checking other resources like The Knights of Columbus because my dad was a long-time member. One of the assisted living places called while we were on our way home from the hospital and she was on speaker! Awkward! I don’t think Dad can hear it thunder, but I was worried. Anyway, she said he might also get a discount from having worked at Bell Helicopter, but I don’t know if that’s true since he retired when he was 80.

Wish us luck and say lots of prayers this weekend goes well, I’m using the men around here to help with bathroom duties and strength while I’ve got them. Hopefully, by Monday, he will be stronger and not depend on me so much for things like that and lifting. We will get through somehow. Tuesday , Home Health is supposed to come here and show him what needs to be done, then he can go home and she will continue care with him there. That is the plan anyway.

I hope all is well with you and yours!


7 thoughts on “SoCS 08-28-21 Sprung!

  1. I knew that your dad worked for a long time at Bell Hellicopter, but I did not know until he was 80! So how many years did he work there? I pray that things will be manageable at your house and that things will take place smoothly. You are doing the thing for keeping his mind busy and occupied. I will be praying!

    We are all doing well! My brother was over earlier to fix my Alexa for turning the TV off and on. For some reason, the button wasn’t on on the box which was something silly (isn’t that always what happens when it comes to technology problems, most of the time) and then he fixed up the lamp to turn on and off which he has been saying he would get over here for over a week. Apparently the lamp just wasn’t pairing correctly! The only thing that she doesn’t do for me now is to change the channels for DirecTV, bro cannot figure out that one. He said they he will read up on it and see what he can do. That is about it for now.

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    • Thank you for your prayers! So far so good with using the walker, wearing his undergarments, and letting me give him his meds on time. These are all things he would not do at home. I changed his wound dressings and (tmi) he finally had a bm. He worked at Bell for 6 or 7 years, but actually retired from Texas Instruments in his early 60’s. He had some odd jobs between TI and Bell, then retired in 2015-I believe. Soon after his voice started to go and the signs of Parkinson’s began to appear. It sucks he never got to enjoy his retirement. Now he is reduced to watching tv, napping, and occasionally playing on his Fire, his enjoyment is eating or eating out when he’s well, and that’s about it. Right now he can’t even play pool. I hope he gets stronger soon and can return to that. 😌

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  2. I think that we all take things for granted, I know I do! I am so glad that he had a bm. Brian after you came here and told me that he was taking MiraLAX with apple juice a couple of days later my PCP called me because I had mailed in a stool sample recently. She referred me to go to a G.I. Doctor because she found blood in my stool, ugh! I told Christina that I have never seen blood in my stool, but she said just because you do not see it does that mean that it is not detected, ugh! I know I do not go as regularly as everyone else and I have been talking with some friends on FB who have FA. They both have BM issues and they both use MiraLAX one says with apple juice and one with hot green tea or flavored teas or fruit smoothies! They say that we need something extra to make things have a more “smooth move”. I go see my PCP this Tue and will talk with her about starting that before I go see the G.I. Doctor on 24 Sep.

    I did see your blog from today, and would be very angry as well at the wording that Doctor used! Glad that things are still going well. I agree with you that where he is at at this moment is a best place for him! That is very sweet have Dave to help him get a shower!

    Still praying and for your family!

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