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WOD Challenge 09-06-21 Daylight

We were up before daylight today, like every day for the past two weeks.

Having seen what I saw that first Monday morning Dad was here, I try to get up before him so I can prevent another fall from happening. This morning, he surprised us and slept in a little longer. I peeked in at him, then went back to the living room to catch up on emails. Dave and I were drinking coffee and each doing our own thing, when we heard his hand on the door knob.

Last night I tried a new undergarment for nighttime. Sad to say, it didn’t work either, everything was soaked so badly, Dad was trying to get up and dry. So we changed right there by the bed instead of in the bathroom on the toilet like usual. It’s maddening. I wash every day now. I really thought the heavy duty nighttime undergarments would keep him dry. Maybe he goes when he wakes up, and soaks an already full undergarment or something. Or maybe he twists so much in the night, it leaks. 🤷‍♀️

Everyone else is talking about Labor Day or the anniversary of 9/11, but I’m still trying to figure out how to talk to my dad about the future. Oddly enough, Brookdale Senior Center sent a newsletter this morning talking about that very thing, but after reading their suggestions, I realized it won’t help in my situation because Dad can’t talk back or answer my questions. Kevin came over for a while yesterday, but he didn’t talk with him either. Sean never showed up or even text me back when I told him the dinner plans. It’s sad really.

So, I guess today will just be another day for the three of us, then Dave goes back to work tomorrow and I will be alone with Dad until the weekend. Pray we have a good week. Today, a different Occupational Therapist is coming to see Dad at 1pm. Maybe Glen has the day off, idk. I’m glad Dave will be here to hear the conversation and her suggestions. We’ll see how it goes. Zach, the PT, should come twice this week if he is true to his word.

Happy Labor Day everyone 🤗

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