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Be Nice to Spiders 10-05-21 W.O.T.D.

When I was a child, I read a book that had a lasting impression on me.

A very good book by Margaret Graham

The book was called Be Nice to Spiders and I think every elementary school should have it in their library. It taught what was good about spiders and why they are an essential part of nature.

The only spiders I fear are the black widow and the brown recluse. I leave the rest to be themselves and if I see a big one in the house, I save it and put it outside. If I see a web in the house, I leave it alone so it can catch the undesirable bugs like mosquitos and whatnot.

Now, I know it is the scary month, but spiders don’t scare me (except the above mentioned) unless I happen to walk face first into a spider web like I did on Friday night. I was looking for the strange noise coming from the neighbor’s tree, thinking it might be a cool owl or something. I was using my iPhone as a flashlight, and never saw the blasted web. Instead, I walked face first into it and hollered out. My husband correctly guessed what made me do that, lol. That’s one thing that freaks me out!

I think banana spiders are beautiful. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t die on the spot if I ran into one of those webs! Imagine a face to face with that giant thing!!!


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