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House of Horrors Pt2 10-07-21 W.O.T.D.

Welcome to the next installment of the Smyth House of Horrors.

Today started with some trepidation as I was supposed to go get an injection for my right shoulder. I was not only nervous, but apprehensive and in a big hurry. It had been previously decided that Dave would go in late so I could run and get my “shot”. That, of course, was not how things went.

After Dave got Dad up, me up, and I shook the cobwebs free, I went to make Dad’s coffee and mine and got his watch, bell, and hearing aids. Got him his yogurt. Went and finished getting myself presentable and tried to finish my coffee. My appointment was for 8am, but they wanted me there at 7:30, so my goal was to get in and get out by 9:15 so Dave could make it to work and his meeting on time.

Walking in the door, I told the receptionist I was referred to them for an injection and how much would that be? She stared at me blankly and said that there would be an office visit, a consultation, x-rays, and possibly an MRI before an injection. I said that that was not what I was told. I was told I would get an injection and I didn’t have time to be grilled on all that other stuff. I had to fill out like 8 pages of info before I was called back. I explained my situation again to the medical assistant who went and got the x-ray tech. Once that was done, I went back to the room to wait for the doctor. It was now 8:50. At 9:00 I was walking out the door to the horrified looks of all the nurses and reception ladies. I told you guys I have to be home by 9:30 at the latest, and the doctor hasn’t even come in. I don’t have time for this. Next thing I knew, I was whisked back into the room, the doctor came in and told me I have some small tears in the shoulder muscle from the bone spur sawing through it, and other rotater cuff problems, aggravated muscles that pull my shoulder up. I was told then that the cortisone shot preceded by an ultrasound of the shoulder would be next, and hopefully have me feeling better in no time. I walked out the door after all that was done at precisely 9:15! I guess they knew I meant business!!!

Of course they suggested physical therapy to which I replied I can do that at home. I have no time or anyone to sit with Dad for a bunch of extra appointments. She told me if I asked the PT guy nicely when I call him, he might even come to my house!!! Sweet!

So they said don’t baby your shoulder, so when I got home and the PT was working on Dad, I mopped the kitchen, both bathrooms, ate my breakfast, swept the house and put the laundry in. I also swept the ants off the wall where Dave had killed a line of them coming from wherever it is they come from.

Jaqueline, Dad’s new PT therapist

Oh, and when the PT lady (a new one) pulled up in her suv, Dad started freaking out and hollering and I ran to the front door. Her car looks exactly like the speech therapist’s car, and if I didn’t explain that yet, he hates her!!! Yesterday she came to show him the folder she made for him with all my words and some new ones, but the minute she pulled up, he started freaking out, his blood pressure went up, and mine too, and we proceeded to have a yelling match. Suffice it to say, she won’t be coming back!!! It took the rest of the day and some gummies for both of us (different kinds) to calm down. So when the PT lady showed up, he was stressing already. But then she walked in, she was very pretty and very good at her job. He seemed to like her, and all went ok once he understood what she was there for.

Stay tuned for the next installment and pray things stay much calmer today!!!!


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