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Halloween Challenge 10-09-21

Washed in Blood

Photo Credit: Unsplash

When he was done with the deed, the kitchen, her body, and pretty much himself were washed in blood. “That ought to show her” he thought. If she wasn’t going to be with him, she wasn’t going to be with anybody.

Shelly was found to be stabbed over 80 times; what police call a crime of passion.

The passion left the moment he learned of the affair. It was pure red he saw, reason was gone, and he’d simply flipped his lid. Although they weren’t married, they had been together for three years. How could she do this to him, when he loved her so much? He was the Italian stallion after all.

The new man was a millionaire, that had to be the only reason, Antony figured. Well, he wasn’t going to buy her love now.

Quickly he showered, and left, heart still hammering in his chest from rage. Too bad he left his fingerprint on the back door.

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