6 thoughts on “Helmet #Inktober2021 10-15-21

  1. Nice helmet! I’ve penciled my three prompts but have other things happening so I can’t finish now. I did a football helmet. From memory. What do I know of football helmets? Yours looks professional!

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      • Back in school days, where lectures ruled the day. I drew all day with notes along side. Lots of faces and doodles. But even when I started my first beauty shop job with lots of down time, I found I did best with a photo to work on. I didn’t make money doing hair at first, but my boss pinned up my picture and bragged to everyone that I did it. People wanted to buy it. And then I started getting clients. Go figure! So thanks for reminding me to look for models to do my sketching from. Tomorrow. 😁💜

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