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Red Dawn 11-9-21

From my back yard

I don’t know the significance of a red dawn. Does it mean it’s going to be a good day? I hope so because this is been one hell of a week. 😊🙏🤗

I thought about ending it there but I just have to say that I have Hope today because I think we might have found a place for my dad to go once he leaves the rehab center he’s in. I’m about to speak to an elder lawyer just to make sure we have all our ducks in a row. I’m still waiting to hear back from the VA on his benefits. A nice lady at a different facility said she would check into it for me whether I come there with my dad or not -wasn’t that nice?!

I’m trying to forget all the other details like selling the house and things like that and focus mainly on dad’s care. The place I’m considering seems to fit the bill. Seems to have a great care team, it’s not fancy, but care what you’re looking for…the best care. if we find this isn’t a good fit or if he doesn’t like it, we will move him somewhere else -but he’ll be somewhere safe in the meantime. The fight isn’t over with Medicare and the VA, but will wade through that slowly while he’ll be receiving good care.

I found out yesterday he was still getting a laxative I don’t know how long that’s been going on but I’m pretty sure that’s why your stomach‘s been hurting and he stopped eating very much. So the nurse is going to take him off of the Senokot, and add a medication that supposed to increase his appetite and work on depression. I don’t know that he’s depressed but he might be so I okayed it. i’ll be going to visit him after I finish talking to the lawyer and see what his state of mind is today. With any luck will have him in his new place by the end of the week. It’s close, so we can visit anytime we want. Wish us luck, and yall have a great day!

Thanks for reading, listening, and responding as we continue our journey. 🤗 I appreciate each and everyone of you!


4 thoughts on “Red Dawn 11-9-21

    • Thank you so much! My dad is unaware what’s going on but when we transfer him to Hurst, I’m going to try to explain that we have been working hard to find him a better place. I hope he isn’t mad at me, I’m pretty sure he thought he’d be coming home. My shoulder is better, I have to use medication to help with that, and I need to get back to my exercise, once Dad is settled, I will. 🤗 Then I will work out a schedule to get my stuff done at home and still go visit him every day. ☺️

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