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SoCS 12-04-21 The Guest Room

(Not my guest room)

Well, it seems we will be doing some hosting this week with company coming in from out of town for my Dad’s service, so here’s my response to Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt-which is this: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rev.” Use “rev” or find a word that contains it. Have fun!

When Dad was staying here with me, he was in our guest room. Now, with Patsy and Tom coming in next week from Tulsa, we needed to revert the room back to it’s original state. The photo shown is from Unsplash, i wish my guest room looked like this, but we make do with what
we have. 😉

We donated all of his medical equipment to Glenview Wellness and Rehab, where he stayed for his rehab. They were happy to get it. ☺️

Then, I bagged up all of his clothes and shoes and put them in the closet until the boys can go through them, before I donate them to Mission Central. Dave and I went and bought a beautiful frame for his pictures we will be using for the service. Dave also purchased a lovely guest sign-in book for the memorial. My other cousin will be staying with my brother, Kevin, who is also revving up for company. His batchelor pad needed sprucing up, so he has a friend helping with that while Dave and I are stuck at the house waiting for the delivery of the urn.

Funny story, I received an email saying that I missed the delivery, believed it without checking, and gave my bank and address information to what turned out to be a scam posing as the USPS, which resulted in someone charging my credit card over $500! Don’t worry, it’s cancelled and the bank has issued me a new one. 🙄

It’s weird how when the situation calls for it, you have to quash your emotions and go on autopilot to get everything done that needs to be done in preparation for events such as this. On Thursday, I’m liable to be a basket case, but today, I just feel determined to get my house in better shape, I feel accomplished at giving some of Dad’s things to people who can really use them and not somewhere they will have had to buy them. ☺️


9 thoughts on “SoCS 12-04-21 The Guest Room

  1. I don’t know if that would be a funny story or a “it could have been worse” story to me. Very thankful that the jerks did not get away with anything!

    You are sounding so much better and I am very thankful for that! Your guestroom is beautiful! And we will all see you on Thu.!

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