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#JusJoJan & WOD Challenges 1-11-22

It is my desire to go somewhere soon, my peripatetic soul wants change, movement, a change of scenery. I just have to wait a little bit longer until Dave gets through the 4B meetings at work and then maybe we can take a 3- or 4-day wknd trip down to Fredericksburg or somewhere. It may not be very cosmopolitan, but that doesn’t matter to me. We went there once when Chris was 18 and he was in a nearby rehab center. We went for family visit and group therapy day and then went to take our minds off of it in Fredericksburg for an overnight visit. I loved the little town and Kerrville too! I am not too hard to please, I just want a change of scenery and maybe a little romance. Here is the rub though. I want us to stay in a bed and breakfast because hotels are not romantic to me. Dave does not for whatever reason. Why won’t he try anything new? We could even try an Airbnb and that would be fun!

I’ve also always wanted to go to Marble Falls, but it is rather small. I just know that driving through several times, it looked enchanting to me. I would pick somewhere coastal, but I don’t like the beach when it’s cold. I want to get in the water when I go to the beach.

Maybe wherever we end up, I could sample a proper cosmopolitan, I have only had someone’s idea of a homemade one so far.

Not asking for too much am I? 😘


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