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WOD Challenge 2-07-22 Quick Delivery

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I swear, the mail seems to be coming later these days…and we have a real post office (just kidding, Dar).

However, most of the time Amazon delivery is quick and on time! I love having the Prime membership but just learned that like everything else, it is going up in price too. It is still worth it to me to get our packages in one or two days, have discounts on what we buy, and be able to watch movies on Prime.

I already forgot how much the yearly rate is going up, but I do remember that I read it on 1440 Daily Digest, my daily newsletter. I wish I could turn more people on to this unbiased news source. Not only is it unbiased news, but I like that it breaks everything down into sections, and includes a famous quote every day (which is where I get some of my One-liner Wednesday quotes from occasionally). If you’d like to join just to check it out once, click above on 1440 Daily Digest because I included my referral link.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone, get a quick walk or workout in, and have a productive start to your week!

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6 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 2-07-22 Quick Delivery

  1. I knew it was going up because Christina told me yesterday saw it on the next-door app. I could not remember either! We asked Siri and I think she told us like 116 and it is going up 30 something bucks. I will keep it! I do not watch the prime movies which I should maybe check that out. At about getting that newsletter that would be a pain for me as I have not the easiest time as it is.

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