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WOD Challenge 2-6-22 Daily Tasks

Well, I just finished the tasks I needed to get done before we host Sunday dinner and some that just needed doing.

What tasks do you have to do daily? Do you have to make lists? I didn’t today, but many days I do, if I don’t want to forget something. I have to make lists for other things too, like phone calls and appointments.

I had to strip our bed because Josh and Shari will be staying here while we are in Arkansas. I actually forgot about that reason, I just felt like it was time to change the sheets anyway. My husband has body oils just like my dad did, and they stain the sheets and pillowcases after a few days.

The kitchen needed some attention after Dave prepped all the food for cooking. We are having burgers, fries, chips, jalapeno poppers, and sausage. Some will have cookies for dessert, but I’m off of sugar again. I would not have the ”problem” I currently have if I had stuck to the no sugar in my diet, but I started drinking hard ciders again, eating bread, and then BOOM, my body rebelled.

I made a fresh pitcher of tea, emptied the bathroom and kitchen trash cans, and now I’m about to fold the sheets and put them away, because I put a different set of sheets on the bed. Luckily, we have two or three sets of sheets for our king-sized bed, and several for the queen in the guest room. Once I’m done with all of that, maybe I can crochet a while before the company (family) gets here. I’m enjoying having the new lamp because this side of the living room was too dark to really see my work.

The lamp from my vantage point

Well, have a great Sunday, and don’t work on your daily tasks too hard!

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5 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 2-6-22 Daily Tasks

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful arrangement work list. Well do you doing all work. Nice,your husband cook food, have burgers,fires chips and sau sage. And you change king bedsheets. Very nice ! I am so like Amazing written you ✍️🙏

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