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WOD Challenge 3-1-22 Fraud Alert

I do have this guy!

I’ve never been a real arctophile, but I do have a small collection of stuffed animals that are sentimental to me. A couple of Beanie Babies, including the type pictured, Millennium Bear, and a Coca Cola Bear that belonged to my favorite aunt.


I woke up to the unpleasant news that my debit card has been compromised again! 😤🤬😡

My brother thinks I should change banks, but is that really the solution? I don’t even know where this happened yet, online or in a restaurant? All I know right now is someone tried to charge over $100 to Amazon on my debit card and it wasn’t me! GRRRR!

Thank God they texted me and put a lock on my card while they investigate the matter! They always do, thats why I don’t understand what good changing banks will do. The problem is an increase of scammers and crooks in the world! Pray it’s resolved quickly and I get a new card quickly.

Yesterday was another good day as far as my rings go, I had them all closed except the red one which was very close when I went to bed. Maybe two short workouts today will get the job done. Unfortunately, my iPad storage is full again, so I may have to delete my Fitness App, but I do still have youtube.

Okay, I need to get up off this couch and go get my butt in gear, Happy Fat Tuesday everyone!

Let the good times roll all you Mardi Gras fans out there! 🥳🦹🎉⚜️

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9 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 3-1-22 Fraud Alert

  1. On the fraud issue . . .I banked with a huge bank about ten years ago and had at least 5 compromises to my card within a year’s time. I left them for a smaller bank, and have been with them for ten years. No fraud issue to date. *Knocks wood*

    I hope you find a resolution for your funds because that’s not a good position in which to be with one’s bank. It’s like your account is constantly attacked. 😢

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    • Right! It turns out that my husband and I are both on the Amazon Prime account and they accidentally tried to charge my card but then changed it to his. Still, it caused a fraud alert on my card, even though nothing was reflected in my bank account! Of course, I panic and told them no, I didn’t do that before looking at the account and now it can’t be undone. I think I’m going to take my money out and put it somewhere else.

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  2. Unity one is who you are using right? Same is me and. I have never had my card compromised! I also have been Amazon prime a count. A long time ago my dad’s card was compromised and realized that it was probably done at the gas station from line you put your debit card in at the pump to pay, some people I swear!

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    • Yeah, it turned out to be Amazon’s mistake, but because I didn’t know that and replied NO to the text, it can’t be undone and I’ll have to get a new card. And our branch hardly does anything, I’d have to go to the one off Burlington. It’s just so inconvenient and there are Frost Banks everywhere. But I’ll research the fees etc., before I make the switch. 🤗


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