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WOD Challenge 3-3-22 From Flab to Fab

Everyone knows that walking is one of the best low-impact exercises you can do for cardio fitness, but walking workouts with additional toning exercises built in will take you from flabby to fabulous in as little as four weeks, promises You-Tuber and personal trainer, Johanna Sophia.

She knows from experience after shedding 50 pounds following her pregnancy. She is also a certified kinesiologist and shares her 4-week workout plan on her Youtube channel, GrowithJo with 15-45 minute, no equipment, walking workouts.

I have not tried her program yet, but have been doing someone’s walking workout almost daily ever since I received my Apple Watch. If you have a Smart Tv and can access YouTube, you should be able to project the workout videos to your tv and walk your way to fit in no time!

I haven’t felt good since yesterday, but im going to try and push through today, and after finding Jo’s workout, I may try it and see how I do. I have been doing a walking workout to 80’s music, which gets my exercise ring closed but only about 3,000 steps. Jo’s 45-minute video (the only one that long in your first week) will net you 5,000 steps. It may be too much for me today, but I will try to attempt it. I want the flabby legs and grandma arms more firmed up so I feel proud to wear a bathing suit this summer.

Not only that, but I want to prevent extra weight from gathering around my middle because that leads to heart disease. Also, these types of workouts work best for me with all of my physical limitations; bad knees, weak ankle, and back problems. They do push the limits of my stamina, however, so I have to push through. I usually want to quit around the halfway point, but feel good about myself every time I finish the workout. (and so far, I always do!)

Wish me luck in my war on flab and try these workouts yourself if you are looking for a simple yet challenging walking workout. There are so many to choose from on YouTube and Pinterest, you can try a different one every day and never get bored! Additionally, if you are experiencing inclement weather, you can always workout right from the comfort of your home without the hazards of the outdoors. (like rocks, uneven pavement, ice, or slick streets) I love being able to get my 30-45 minute workout done from home and get on with my day. 😉

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6 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 3-3-22 From Flab to Fab

  1. Oh, sorry! I never thought about people whose feet hurt them! That’s one problem I don’t have yet, thankfully! And, just so you know, I did that workout just now! I may not have kept super strong arms the whole way through, but I kept them up and kept the feet moving the entire time!


  2. Sorry you are still feelies not well, and prayers are coming! Glad that you have a work out plan! I just joined the gym for people with disabilities in Euless! It is called the Neuro Fitness Foundation! I used to work out there in the like 90s when it was in Bedford! They have by all kinds of equipment for disabled folks. For example, I did a foot bike today where they strap my feet in and turned on to electronically push my legs like I riding a bike! It was awesome! I did not get to try everything, but plan to go on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Also, Christina gets to work out free because she is my caregiver. They have lots of help there and everyone is really nice! So glad I learned that they were still around!

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