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Good day everyone! Whew! I just finished my morning walking workout, which was mostly a workout, lol!

In class on Tuesday, we were given a prompt for our first poem, and I was wondering if you’d check it out and see what you think about it. Does it need tweaking, for instance? Any poets out there are welcome to comment or send a suggestion. Here goes:

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I wonder
If she knows
That I never forgot that day

That she taught
Me Psalm twenty-three
And how to kneel and pray

At the time
I knew not what it meant
For I was only three

But now I know
I’ll never forget
The gift she gave to me.

Well, there you have it. The assignment was to write about a moment in your youth that helped to shape your soul.

My grandmother raised me from the time I was born to about the age of three, though I saw her often even after that. She taught me that Psalm when I was very young, and gave me a pocket Bible that I still have to this day. Because she gave me the basis for my religious upbringing, I believe she helped shape my soul and I have never forgotten that moment in time.

It’s still my favorite Psalm, and every time I hear it, I think of her. My grandparents taught me many things and loved me very much, but this is the memory that stayed with me the most. I don’t know why. My religious upbringing is spotty at best, raised Catholic, I was involved in the Youth Group in my church until I exhibited a liking for the boys, and then I was yanked out. (My parents were very overprotective, but I was boy crazy and they knew it)

Anyway, once I was in the service and afterward, I was invited to many different churches, “saved” a number of times, and finally after getting married, was baptized in the Christian church at Haltom City Christian. Later on, my husband and I compromised and became Methodist. We attend First United Methodist in Hurst.


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