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WOD Challenge 3-11-22 Curling Up

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It’s cold outside with a wintry mix going on and I’d rather be curled up in bed reading a good book.

However, I have too much to do…or I should be, anyway. I’m up and dressed in any case.

I need to do my exercise, I’ve got three more days to go to make a week in a row, I need to go to the store, because I’m out of almond milk, coconut flakes, low on stick butter, Mio, and peanut butter, but like I said, it’s cold and sleeting outside. I plan on making myself some fat bombs today, since I’m nearly out of sugar-free Russell Stovers, and it’s time to make another pot of doggy stew. See, I got things to do.

But I’d still rather be curled up on the couch with my iPad reading or playing stupid games.

Can you believe I actually made some money this week playing games and taking surveys?? My paypal account is up to $13 and some change, not much, but more than I expected for a few weeks accumulation.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I actually have plans! If the weather doesn’t go too crazy, my bro is taking me to a movie tonight and tomorrow, I’m meeting people for drinks and dinner and a band we all know from our school days. The festivities are to celebrate the band’s March birthdays, but my friend-Elise-and I both are this month too! ☺️ Then Sunday, the family should be over for dinner. I don’t know if the boys will remember it’s my birthday or not, but that’s ok, we will all be together. 😀


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