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SoCS 4-09-22 How Could They??

Today I have to use Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt to rant a little about what we experienced yesterday:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is ‘how.’ Use the word ‘how’ in your post. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Enjoy!”

How could the funeral home drop the ball with such an important detail??

Mom’s ashes are behind Dad’s. They covered up the inscription with his paperwork. 😑

Yesterday, we went to place Dad’s ashes in the columbarium at DFW National Cemetery. He was supposed to receive a flag and an honors ceremony. Forest Ridge Funeral Home was supposed to have made all the arrangements months ago. They did not, evidently, because when we arrived, the representative from the cemetery said, ”Your dad didn’t get his honors, didn’t the Navy contact you about this?” We told him no, the funeral home assured us all would be managed by them. To be fair, the man that started the job isn’t the man that finished, but still, someone dropped the ball and now we will have to reschedule the awards ceremony. We did go ahead and place Dad next to Mom in the vault though, it was time.

You better believe, one of the three of us (probably my husband) is going to get this matter straightened out and he may have to rip somebody a new one in the process. We were already upset with them for not taking care of business last month. I mean, how could they screw up something so important? Ugh.


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