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WOD Challenge 4-7-22 My Own Sense of Style

Back in the 90’s

I have to admit my style has changed a lot since the 80’s and 90’s but if I was in shape, I would still be brave enough to rock that midriff. 😂😉

I look at recent pictures and yes, I hate them, but I have my own sense of style. I’m most comfortable in shorts and sleeveless tops in the summer, jeans and shirts that flow in the spring-sweatshirts or long-sleeved shirts in the winter.

To me, I look frumpy most of the time, but I’m comfortable. ☺️

I never cared much for fashion or try to emulate anyone else, except when I was in junior high and wanted bell-bottomed jeans like everyone else. Mom got so tired of me complaining about what I wanted to wear, she started giving me money at the beginning of the school year and I would go to Lerners and bring back a wardrobe and accessories for $100!! Try to do that now! To myself, I looked stylish, but not compared to what the other kids were wearing. I have always been frugal, which may be part of the problem. I try to look at least presentable most of the time. 😉

I told my husband ”when I get rich, I will wear gauze.”

Something like this-doesn’t it look comfortable and stylish?
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11 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 4-7-22 My Own Sense of Style

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    When i was highschool wear bell bottoms.its comfortable clothes. I like it’s. Beautiful you wearing pair. Very nice & styles guaze dress . So good looking picture.

    Liked by 1 person

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