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I did not see a Word of the Day Challenge today, so I’ll just tell you how the week has gone so far.

I feel like I’ve been at church as much as I’ve been home! Who knew that taking a masterclass in creative writing would open so many doors and get me so involved with my church! I’m in a Bible study group on Wednesday mornings, I had my first practice back with the choir tonight, and my grief counseling meetings start on Monday! We were back in regular service live on Easter Sunday, but this coming Sunday, I’ll be performing with the choir for the first time in two years since I did that summer session…or maybe that was three years ago. Let me tell you, I’ll be faking it til I make it for that first time! At practice tonight, I was so lost because they just jump in, and I haven’t heard any of the music, I don’t know my part, and they can’t stop to help one individual person. I sing alto, and its been ages since I harmonized in a habitual manner. I was assured there is no need to worry.

Bible study turned into a grief counseling of sorts when I was commenting on a particular passage from the book we are studying, The Will Of God. Afterwards, two or three people stopped by to offer help and condolences, which was so sweet. It is nice to have a group of ladies who care, to talk to about these things. It’s also wonderful to have a place where I feel welcomed and can have relatable conversations.

I need to be involved, I feel everything I’m doing is right. If it’s not Dave’s thing, that’s ok. I’m doing this to heal. I’m doing this to develop a better relationship with God. I feel like I belong. I’m meeting more people from church and maybe I’ll even make some new friends. My best friends are both living far away. I love talking to them when I can and the occasional visit, but I need people around me that are experienced and can provide appropriate counsel. These people are teaching me to be kind to myself and providing a safe space for me to cry if I need to, or just be a friendly ear if i need one. They are giving me purpose. They are nurturing my soul. I think right now, that’s exactly what I need. 😊


4 thoughts on “Getting Involved

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    So good write-up blog. I am so glad. Nice & interested share your going week. Nice to part in creative writing. I like. God bless you. How long live your best friend?very good you have to Bible study. 🙏✍️


  2. This makes my heart so extremely happy to hear that you are getting a better relationship with God and close your friends who believe the same. That is where the whole comforted feeling that you have. That is the same way I feel when I go to my church! I am so glad that you are still attending the Bible study! This is where I learn so much more about God and who he is. Awesome about the choir, and you will do great! We will be going to OK this weekend for my cousins wedding, excited about that. Actually aunt Carol just got here. We will not be leaving until Saturday and be returning Saturday so quick trip that dad felt it best for me to be able to sleep in my own bed and Carol really needs to get back to Houston because she is on the board for her condos and they are doing some big stuff. She said that she will not be in the evening until Tue though. So dad and I would come on Sun to hear you but we will be be be from the drive. Many hugs!

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    • Oh that’s ok, there will be plenty of other Sundays 🤗
      Say hi to Carol for me, and y’all have a save and wonderful trip! You will be very tired 🥱 I’d guess after that long trip!!
      I’m happy too, fellowship is the second best thing about going to church! The first is of course learning more about God’s word. When I have time, I’m also listening to Galatians on my verse by verse app…I gave up on Revelation after three lessons when the weird things started happening. It may sound silly, but the devil really doesn’t want you to hear that chapter for some reason. Anyway, I’d rather hear something uplifting any day. ☺️
      Love you girl, and y’all take care!


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