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SoCS & WOD Challenge 4-23-22

Saturdays we run our errands which turned into a bonus for me! Let me tell you about it as I tackle Linda G Hill’s SoCS prompt for today:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “too/to/two.” Use one, use ’em all, bonus points if you use all three. Extra bonus points if you start your post with one. Enjoy!

We had our route planned as we headed out to our errands, head to breakfast in Hurst, followed by Goody Goody in Bedford to find myself some Ranch Water to try, then go pickup Dave’s prescriptions; one at Kroger, the other at Walmart, and finally, find the honeybee attractant he needed for the new bee house.

Not only did I get a 6-pack when I was just looking for a single to try, but I got a beautiful new dish of succulents too!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

(For those who don’t know what Ranch Water is, it’s a hard seltzer, like Truly’s, but my doctor’s PA said she likes Ranch Water better) It comes in lots of flavors, so I grabbed the grapefruit, hopefully it tastes like a Fresca with alcohol.

When we were at Ace Hardware (I forgot we went there too) I spotted the dish of succulents for a wonderful price, so Dave bought them for me because he is a sweetheart, and because he knew that the chance of my kids getting them for me for Mother’s Day was slim. 😉 Normally, even one succulent sells for a princely sum, so $21 + tax was a steal for this dish!

I was painting and he was watching the golf tournament or the race or both, when work called about a huge main break. So since he’s been gone, I vacuumed the house, planted my Easter Lily and watered all the plants in the back garden, and now I am writing this post. I don’t like to paint very long because it’s hard on my eyes. The lines and numbers are very faint, even with my light pad underneath!

Very tiny numbers!
Sorry its wrinkled-the actual photo once the painting is done.

Well, he just texted he will be a while, so maybe I will finish my story I’m working on for the Vocal+ Challenge, I think it’s due very soon. I recently discovered I’ve made more money writing two stories on Vocal+ than I ever made on Medium, however, I cannot cash out until I earn at least $20. So I entered the Ship of Dreams challenge and my story has to be about the Titanic in some way, so it’s about a young woman who is trying to escape her abusive past by stowing away on the ship with a dream of arriving in New York and somehow making it to Broadway as a dancer. Of course, we already know how the story ends but do we know how her story ends?

Stay tuned and even if it doesn’t win, I’ll share it along with the results.

PS: We never found the honeybee attractant so Dave will have to order some online.

PSS: I forgot to tell you, the cross I ordered with some of my Dad’s ashes in the artwork finally came!! It is smaller than I expected, but gorgeous! Now I have a beautiful piece of art made in his memory to cherish forever!

A Closeup
On the wall in the spot I chose.

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