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WOD Challenge 5-6-22 How Not to Isolate

Get Involved!

I have to be honest here, part of the reason I got more involved with church activities was to keep me from isolating in this house.

Another way is by trying to nurture friendships more and go visit one or ask one to meet you for coffee or lunch. Unfortunately, most of my friends work outside the home, so on the idd occasion that they aren’t or they invite me, I willingly accept! And, of course, I get out of the house to run errands, or work on getting Dad’s house ready for the estate sale. My worry is that to isolate too much, which is easy to do right now, will lead to depression and/or broken relationships.

Now, on another topic, the picture above is my husband’s idea of perfect retirement…not mine, because I’m more social than that. So obviously, we have different opinions of isolation.

I understand that hat he wants is to get away from the crowds and crazy traffic, but I don’t want to be too far from friends and family. I may be grieving, but I still need my people.

I think that since the pandemic still has such a grip on many of you, it still might be tempting to isolate. I pray that soon you will feel brave enough to get back out there, because loneliness can also be detrimental to your health. 🤗🙏

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