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WOD Challenge 5-29-22 On a Whim

Today’s word of the day challenge prompt is: Whim.

The newest Top Gun

Yesterday, we went to breakfast and were on our way to Best Buy when I mentioned possibly going to see the new Top Gun movie. Next thing I know, we are buying tickets and popcorn! David does not usually do things on a whim, so I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was a hit as well, I highly recommend it.

Never made it to Best Buy, but did go to Academy, where I got a new swim suit top. I always seem to get black, which goes with most of my suit bottoms.

This has been a strange weekend so far, and I learned-once again-that I don’t bounce back from partying like I used to. We had been sitting by the pool, having recently got out after a couple of hours in the cold water. (We had that cold front last week, which dropped the temp significantly). Dave got a call from a female co-worker that she and her boyfriend wanted to come swim and hang out. We had several drinks and stayed up talking with only Michelle in the pool. I guess I went one over my normal limit, plus I did not eat good supper, so I’ve been dragging all day.

I still went to church and sang in the choir, but it was a sad, somber service on the heels of this week’s tragedy in Uvalde.

We had dinner with the kids, Dave made shishkabobs and brats, baked beans, and chips with rotel. The boys came specifically to swim, but never did. Big babies were scared of the cold pool I guess. 🤷‍♀️ The day has been chill, with lots of sports, a strange movie on tv called ”Old” by M. Night Shalaman.

Of course, we remembered to pray for and honor all the lives lost by our service men and women, as well as those in the recent tragedies. Hopefully, I can get Dave to hang our flag tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of Memorial Day Weekend. ☺️

Happy Memorial Day
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