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WOD Challenge 6-2-22 A Sterling Reign

Queen Elizabeth at her coronation.

Platinum Jubilee for a Sterling Reign

Today marks the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s exemplary reign over the UK. And what a sterling reign it has been!

I watched a while this morning on FOX news as she got her 41 canon salute, and as the jets flew in a 70 formation over the massive celebration. What looked like millions of people watched the royals as all of the festivities took place.

The Royal Air force flying over the queen.
The main royals-Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and family.

This remarkable monarch is 96 years old, has served her country for 70 years, the people love her, I’d say thats a lot to be proud of and celebrate.

I’m sure there are many who won’t tune in or even know what’s going on, but this is an historic occurrence, a once in a lifetime moment, and I thought it should be acknowledged!

Queen Elizabeth II today. All images taken from Wikipedia.

Other countries watch us and what we do, we should at least give her the credit she deserves!

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