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WOD Challenge 6-28-22 Gas, A Touchy Subject

I saw the word of the day for today’s challenge and I thought, ”I can talk alot about that!”

But not about the touchy subject everyone else is talking about.

I’m talking about the painful kind that blows your belly up and makes you feel bloated. I’ve become an unfortunate expert on that kind here lately! I got to digging around trying to find causes because it’s been quite common here all of a sudden. I know that the foods I eat can cause it but really?! All the time??

My research uncovered something new, however, in the least likely of places. I found out that it might be my sweetener! Everything I eat or drink or chew has stevia, or erythritol in it! My coffee, my baked goods, and sweets, even my gum!! Plus, chewing gum is another bad culprit. So i found this gum on the internet that isn’t supposed to cause gas, but of course, its kind of expensive. It’s called Glee gum and I guess it’s relative, a 16pc box, variety pack of 12 is $22. 99.

What if you want to just try a pack before you commit to a whole case I wonder? I should have looked at Sprouts today while I was there looking for dill seed. I ended up scoring that at Walmart. Yes, I made pickles today from our home grown cucumbers! We are so going to be able to live off the grid soon, lol! Growing our own veggies, making sausage and pickles, and our own dog food! Yep, headed in the right direction anyway!

This might be our new home someday!

But back to the gas, Dave and I are thinking pretty hard about getting a motor home when he retires, then the other kind of gas will be an issue! 😉😂

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