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WOD Challenge 7-15-22 Zavalla Trip

Well, its been a whirlwind trip this time around in Zavalla, and I have to say I’m feeling a bit beef-witted at the moment.

Starting with last night about an hour after we got comfortable in our rented cabin where we were the last trip here, the power suddenly went out! Luckily, the cabin has a screened-in porch and fora while, there was a wonderful breeze. With no power, or food, but plenty of alcohol, we got buzzed pretty quickly and I was craving the bed when just as suddenly, the power came back on. Thank goodness we didn’t have to sleep in a hot house. The windows wouldn’t open, and there was nothing to sleep on if we decided to sleep on the porch, so thankfully, it all worked out.

Our first appointment with the realtor wasn’t until 5pm today, so we spent 7 hours in the car looking at properties ourselves around every fork of Toledo Bend that were close to the properties we were set up to look at with Richard, our realtor. By the time we did, my brain was numb. I was thrilled with the first property, but it was of course, not practical for a couple with a monstrous RV and two shorkies as it was on a hill, and had no way to fence in an area for the dogs. Mind you, we don’t have possession of said RV yet, but it’s in the works. It was a raised double-wide mobile home with a huge covered porch, a fish-cleaning station and table was already in place on that porch, and the inside was set up so beautifully, you would never know it was a mobile home. It was a 4 bedroom, two bath beauty with an island in the kitchen, a pantry, and spacious bedrooms. The property was beautifully landscaped and extended far beyond what we thought it did, and the motor home could have fit on the second lot.

I wish i would have taken pics of the inside now! You would have had something to compare it to.

First property

Other side of landscaping
Second lot
Second property

The second property was perfect and practical….but at first sight…boring. It has flat land for parking the RV, a massive storage for a boat (if we had one) and another RV or something else, a workshop, and covered outside fish cleaning station. The home is a raised single wide mobile home with not much character, but plenty of room for two people. I guess with a lot of creativity and imagination, it could be dolled up like some of the many others we saw all day long. It is basically a blank canvas waiting for the right person to make it their own.

Boat/RV storage

This storage shed is actually too small for our RV! We will have to build or buy a RV port/cover for it.

Shop with covered fish cleaning station on the back
Front porch.

Other side of kitchenn
Tub in master bath
Cramped laundry room (not our washer/dryer)


We have a lot to digest and plan out. However, if we choose the second property, we won’t have to put our belongings in storage when we hit the road, and we will have a place of our own to come back to when we are done traveling.

All in all, it’s a gorgeous area to live, the lake is so picturesque and beautiful, and the woods are peaceful and quiet. Sounds like the perfect place to retire, doesn’t it? Speaking of retiring, I think I am ready to eat, shower, and hit the hay! Good night from Zavalla! Peaceful dreams everybody!

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