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WOD Challenge 8-25-22 Under Contract

I don’t know if “On the Road Again” is a ballad, but I pray I’ll be singing it soon!

The reason? It’s because we accepted the offer of $400k and we are now under contract!
Still…I’m cautiously optimistic because I know things can go south even while under contract but I’m praying 🙏 that doesn’t happen.

There’s a few days in which either party could back out or financing could fall through, yet I feel pretty confident that the buyers are sure and motivated. What’s hard for me is being patient. I want to pack, load the motor home, and organize the moving sale, but I have to wait until a few more decisions are made. I don’t know why, it’s just the way Dave rolls. Once he has a comfort level with the situation, things will happen fast. My concern is that it will turn into chaos!

The more I can get sorted, packed and labeled, the better off we will be. What I am unsure about is what’s going in the moving sale, but there’s still plenty to pack that I know we are keeping. So, I better get busy on that and I will keep you all posted on the progression!

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