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WOD Challenge 9-5-22 He Only Uses Crest

My husband is so loyal to Crest brand toothpaste that’s the only brand he uses. Period.

Only paste too, none of that fancy stuff 😉

Me, I have special teeth like he has special eyes. I have to use two different toothpastes, mouthwash, floss…🤪🙄😁

Turns out I use some Crest products myself!
A must if you use a night guard!
This one is for nighttime use.

I looked up Crest brand to see how the toothpaste got it’s name and learned all about when and why it was invented, but not a thing about why they call it Crest. Even the colored logo has a special meaning, but why the name?

Is it because it’s gets your teeth as white as a snow capped mountain? Sounds good to me!


In other news, as you may or may not know from previous posts, our house is under contract. We have had four types of inspectors come, and we are now waiting on the VA appraiser the buyers are using. I wish I could just wrinkle my nose and all of this was over! However, I know we will get through all this. Packing is like eating an elephant. Not knowing what is going on makes it difficult to know what to store, what to sell, and what to pack. We did get a couple of loads of boxes and things from the garage to storage. Dave has had four days off and that’s all we got accomplished, but it’s better than nothing! We also got a few things done on the Jeep, and addressed a few cosmetic things on the house. The rain yesterday made for a rather unproductive day, but he got rested up to work on stuff today.

I wish we were getting to do fun things like everyone else this weekend, which is why I haven’t seen my kids at all this weekend-they are busy doing their own thing. We did bump into my friend, Stephanie while at dinner Saturday night. She was supping with her dad, caregiver, Christina, and some friends at our favorite place…Frijoles.

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend ☺️

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