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SoCS 9-17-22 Called Off


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Bonus points if you use it as both. Have fun!

I hope this post doesn’t have a defeatist ring to it, but the house deal may have fallen through.
Regardless, we are not closing on the 21st as planned. I had to call a bunch of people, cancel or actually, delay the sale of my table and couches until we get this situation straightened out.

There we were, packed and ready to load everything into storage today when we got the call last night…right after signing the docusign closing agreement! The 11th hour, as my husband calls it. Seems the VA appraisal came back ordering us to get a structural engineers report, which, in an earlier post, I told you costs $600! Then, if it comes back saying we need $10,000+ worth of pier work, the deal is off because we aren’t staying with that deal if we have to spend that kind of money on the house.So it’s a wait and see thing. Seems to us they would have disclosed this before we signed the closing agreement though, don’t you think??

To say we were blue doesn’t come close to describing our disappointment. You gotta roll with the punches so they say. Well, that felt like a punch in the gut!!

Dave ordered what turned out to be sub-standard food from our usual Chinese restaurant and we watched tv in a foggy daze for the night trying to not think for a while. I just couldn’t believe it! Dave said I should have expected it, he has the “Smyth” luck.

I don’t think so. I think God was watching out for us. There is some reason we should not be moving this weekend, maybe it’s that my brother’s house is not ready. Chris was so slammed at work after getting his raise and promotion that he hasn’t been able to start the repairs that the flooding caused a few weeks ago.

or maybe we really need to know the status of the report before proceeding with the sale of the house. This information could change everything. Then again, it could show the house is sound just like it is. Regardless, it’s info we need moving forward and the move is off for now. We will ring the engineer on Monday and get the report ordered. I’ll keep you posted on the findings.


11 thoughts on “SoCS 9-17-22 Called Off

  1. Oh Kim. It was hard to press that ‘Like’ button, but I do like your spirit. To have this roll in at the last minute is awful. We had last minute details to deal with, but nothing that could nix the sale. I hope this turns out to be nothing more than an annoying delay. I hope you can relax this weekend.

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  2. All will be well. Everything in its own timing. I believe what you stated, God does what He does for a reason.

    It is my hope and prayer that this process won’t delay the sale of the home by too much. I know both of you are ready to start your new life.

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