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WOD Challenge 9-12-22 I Gasped

I had to gasp as I heard the words the caller said to me on the phone last night.

It was Emma, the daughter of my husband’s friend D. Stubblefield who said in a stressed voice, “My dad’s been in an accident. On his bike. He t-boned a lady that pulled out in front of him. He is in the ER, and all I know is that he is responsive.”

Immediately I shared the news, said a prayer, and waited for the next word.

It came about 30 minutes later. “Hello?” “Dad’s good!” “Oh, thank God! Prayers worked!”

His wife, Robin, called me about two hours after all that to report that, although he was still in trauma, he was mostly unscathed except for bruising, swelling, and the discovery of very high sugar and a1c, which likely means he is diabetic. He might have never made that discovery on his own, so the accident may have been a blessing in disguise. They were checking out a spot in his side under his armpit to make certain it wasn’t a blood clot. And he took six stitches in his shin. His wrist is swollen and painful, probably a bad sprain. Not bad for a 50mph impact on a motorcycle into the side of a car. The girls he crashed into were shaken up, but fine.

Our friends, Dave and Robin

Praise to God for saving his life, he is wanted and needed at home. He is a husband, a son, a father, and a grandfather, not to mention friend of many! Get well soon, Dave!

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