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WOD 10-23-22 Chris’s Birthday

We are having dinner and gifts for my youngest today who is turning 35 today.

Too bad I won’t be able to eat any of the dinner menu. ☹️

It seems I’m having another flare-up and that means back to a bland or clear diet until it calms down. What a shame, because Dave is fixing a pork butt for street tacos with all the works and sides, plus we bought him cookies and a pumpkin roll for dessert choices. He must be waiting for the Cowboys to win or lose before he heads this way.

Chris is the hardest working son of the three boys, and deserves so much more than he gets. Luckily, he isn’t big on a big deal for his birthday 🥳 because we didn’t throw a party or buy any gifts yet. His dad supplements his income occasionally when he gets in a bind, and has done so much for him in his life, and Chris is grateful and humble. I wanted to buy him a present anyway, but he and Dave will talk, and I’m sure he will give him money to get whatever he wants or needs. (Within reason, of course)

I’m so sick of these flare-ups, but maybe I’m trying to transition to real food too soon. Maybe I should stay on the liquid/bland diet for another week or so…I don’t know. I’ve emailed a nutritionist/dietitian in my area to get advice or an appointment if necessary while we still have insurance. I need to know the best diet to follow, what do ease occasional flare-ups, and if I indeed did move into a regular diet too soon. Can I have milk alternatives like almond, or coconut? Can I have smooth peanut butter-I know nuts are off limits. What about oatmeal? Things like that.

I’m pretty upset about feeling bad on his birthday and I’m laying down drinking green tea to ease my symptoms. The cramping is insanely bad. This morning I had oatmeal and a chocolate peanut butter smoothie made with almond milk. I guess that was wrong. On top of all this, I have mouth ulcers on my tongue again. I’m just a hot mess, and I’m so tired of being one!! How can I get mouth ulcers when I’m on 1g of Zovirax every day?? I’ll ask her that question too.

Go Cowboys and everyone have a blessed Sunday 🤗☺️

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8 thoughts on “WOD 10-23-22 Chris’s Birthday

  1. I don’t know much about going off BRAT diet but mouth ulcers for me indicate too much sugar of any kind. I don’t do that often but when I’ve slipped up and the little sores happen I take L-lysine. I chew just one. Within a day the sores are gone.

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