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WOD Challenge 11-1-22 My Best Color

One day, when I was packing things to move, I gathered as many photos from school that I could find, knowing that someday, I would fit them into a post. Well, today is that day.

What do you think is my best color? Look how pretty my hair used to be! Mom aways favored me in a pixie, but back then I wanted it long.

My favorite colors are red and black together, but I always thought crimson was my best color. Yet I rarely ever buy anything red. I don’t know why that is. I’m drawn to dark or bright colors I guess, and these days, my best color-especially when I have a tan, is orange. White washes me out, so I tend to buy beige or tan shirts in place of white. I also can’t wear yellow. That’s too bad, because I kinda like that color.

Anyway, the story of me, my hair, and my mom is not a pleasant one, it was the subject of many disagreements and downright violence on her part at times. She was not the one to go to for advice on hair or makeup, but she was great at eyeballing just the right sizes for me and my clothes. It takes me forever by myself to shop for pants, shirts I’m kind of a hoarder on. 🤣

Wih my hair blonde and my coloring fair, I don’t know if crimson still looks s good on me as it used to. I have bought cars before just because they were red and black though! 😂 For whatever reason, my hubby likes me in pastels, but that’s not what I like. Pink is ok I guess, hot pink! To me, crimson is for royalty or a very special occasion, yet when I want to look pretty, I reach for black.

Those school pics don’t really do me any favors, to me, I look washed out in all of them! It must be the lighting. 🤣😂

Last night went well, we had more trick or treaters than I’ve seen in years, but the pups did not like their new outfits. I guess they were slightly too small. Brandy had me laughing til I cried because she just stood there looking at me like “Why, Mom, why??” 😂🤣 I took them back today and traded for a bigger size, because they will be warm and cozy if we ever get caught in the cold. Here’s a pic Dave took before I relieved them of their embarrassment.

Brandy was in the pumpkin pjs, just look at her face! 🤣🤣 a whiskey was sporting the skeletons and spider webs. Had they been just a shade roomier, they would have been fine. I got them at 5Below, so they were super cheap compared the the major chain pet stores.

The diet is going well, I’m just about free of symptoms and almost back to regular again. I should be, since I’m taking a daily dose of Metamucil, and getting my bone broth and green tea in daily has me almost healed up. I haven’t had pain or gastric distress since Saturday. I have my recheck on Thursday, so I’m hoping I can celebrate a little with everyone Friday night at Dave’s retirement happy hour.

Well, that’s all the news that’s worthy right now, he took the day off to go to the dentist and try to get his shocks on the Jeep, but that didn’t work out. I guess he’ll have to get someone to do that too. I’m hoping we can get the motor home back to the shop to fix the bedroom slide-out today, but I’m holding us up wiring on my needy son to get here so I can loan them money. 🙄 I just can’t let him and his girlfriend and 4 pets go homeless (even though I didn’t put them in their current predicament.) As parents, it’s hard to see them fail. The only reason I’m doing it is because they pay me back.


4 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 11-1-22 My Best Color

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    So nice brandy & whiskey wearing dress.
    So pretty look school’s photos. Nice choice your light colour. It was nice looking at them.
    Now you are well. Your gastric problem is ok. You enjoyed celebration for Dave’s retirement.
    God blessing!
    Iam so happy! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, but his retirement party is Friday, and I’ll find out tomorrow if I can celebrate a little. ☺️
      How are you doing? Do you still enjoy just reading the blogs, or are you curious how to blog yourself? Do you write at all? Have a blessed day 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

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