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WOD Challenge 11-6-22 Amazon Loves Us!

Before I start my blog post today, I want to acknowledge the passing of Melanie B. Cee, a well-known blogger who ran the blog Sparks From a Combustible Mind. Rest In Peace, Melanie, you will truly be missed. 🙏🙏

Secondly, before I talk about today’s word of the day -insects- I wanted to tell you we have been ordering so many things from Amazon, in preparation for our trip, that they must love us! Just today, we ordered four more things, and Dave has procured our new mattress and sheets, the GPS system, and parts for his Jeep just in the last week or two. It’s been steady shopping with them for over a month now, but I’m hoping it settles down soon before we go broke! Hahaha.

Ok, shall we get to it?

Most insects do not even bother me, nor do I seek them out. However, I’m deathly afraid of this little bugger, especially where we are headed.


Photo credit: Https://unsplash.com/@federicofaccipieri

Now I have come close to stepping on one of these guys before, a long time ago in east Texas, but Dave saved me just in the nick of time. I was pregnant, the bug was the same color as Granny’s floor, I have no idea how he saw it or where he came from, but suddenly, he grabbed me from behind, around my waist and prevented me from stepping on it. We were in Pittsburg, at Dave’s uncle Gene’s house which Granny was living in until her new house could be built. I still believe it was a miracle and I am one lucky girl!!

Scorpions are considered arachnids, wingless, and predators who are part of a large group of invertebrates that have 2500 species in their class. Mostly found in deserts, they have adapted to other climates and terrains. Some are harmless to humans if bitten, (stung) still others can kill a human. You dare to get close enough to figure out which one you’re looking at?? Not ME!

So, in honor of this deadly yet sometimes revered insect, I give you the rock band of the same name. Enjoy!

Scorpions with “Wind of Change”
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