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WOD Challenge 11-15-22 I Need Heat, Stat!

Good afternoon from The Smyths here at Tree Cabins RV Park!

We saw deer right next door at some private property.

Yesterday was a good first day, despite the cold weather we are experiencing. Last night was chilly, we have no tv -even though we have wi-fi, and even the radio gets spotty reception. We’re in the sticks, people!

This morning I woke up early, couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up, wrapped up in blankets, and watched one of my shows on Hulu on my iPad. My earbuds hadn’t charged, so I plugged them back in and just set the volume to low so I wouldn’t disturb Dave. The dogs were content to stay in bed with him. 😂🤣

Around 7am, I desired some coffee, so I set up the new mini-k-cup coffee maker and had some instant, decaf, sugar-free vanilla flavored coffee and it was steaming hot and heavenly! Read my blogs, checked my email newsletters, and later, while Dave was working on his laptop, I put my earbuds in and watched two more episodes of I Survived Beyond And Back. Still later, Dave found our cds and a few dvds, so I guess we could watch one of 4 Stephen King movies. 😂

With nothing much to do, I’ve been taking lots of pictures! Dave too the dogs and me to the scenic overlook off one of the larger hills around here.

I figured out the gallery, but not how to put the words right beneath the photos. My hair was blowing all over the place and I was cold! I need some heat or warmer temperatures stat!

We are definitely in the hill country! The river was like glass early this morning and it was 32degrees!! I took Brandy out to do her business around 8am, by then I had been up for 2 1/2 hours! She didn’t want to go outside at first, but got used to it. Soon, she was dragging me all over the park.

Dave went into town to get us some breakfast, although we have plenty of food here 🙄 and while he was gone, I though I’d take a quick shower. How about an understatement? I was in and out in 2 minutes! I had no more than lathered my hair and the hot water went away! I was cussing a blue streak, let me tell ya! Dave got back to see me naked except for a towel, bent over the sink trying to rinse my hair out (and freezing my butt off, mind you) and asked me what happened. I hollered that there’s no hot water, what gives? He told me the bus only has a 3 gallon hot water tank. Guess I’ll be taking sink baths from now on, lol!

So all in all my main gripe is being cold. Other than that it’s been quite relaxing. ☺️ I’m going to have no problem living like this. I do spend a lot of time cleaning up after David, but he was working hard to get all systems running properly, find some of our stuff from the “basement” and trying to figure out his new navigation system. Darn thing charged all day yesterday and as soon as he disconnected from power, it went out! It has a rechargeable battery, so maybe it needed a 24hr charge. It will get it now.

I made our reservation for the first overnight when we head to Arizona next week, it will be in Van Horn. Evidently, this place is where Jeff Bezos does his rocket man stuff, and it’s also the home of our 8th tallest mountain, El Capitan. I’m already excited to see something new, and it was cheap too! $43 for the night with all the amenities you could ever need!

Maybe Dave will finally get to watch some TV. 😉


7 thoughts on “WOD Challenge 11-15-22 I Need Heat, Stat!

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful frist one beer pic. All photos are wonderful. Nice photography. You good look wearing warm jacket. I like. Beautiful you sharing journey RV. There were very cold weather.
    Tack care! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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