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WOD Challenge 11-17-22 Chillin’ Out Day

Not much going on today, yawn!
We did go to the store to get a couple of things, while there we checked out this souvenir place that USED to make smoothies. Dang it! I had my mouth all set for an almond milk smoothie with fruit, but they’ve since done away with the smoothie part of the operation-just my luck! So I took the rare chance to get this sweet photo op!

My back is sore from so much sitting, but it’s cold and there’s nothing to do or see here but walk the dogs from time to time and take pics of the same river you’ve already seen.

I will report that still no manager has ever come to greet us, give us rules for the campground, nothing! She checked us in over the phone, collected our money, and too bad if you need ice or anything else. Not the way I’d run an establishment, but what can you do? Tomorrow’s entertainment will be hauling some clothes to the laundry mat and watch em spin I guess! Than goodness Dave finally got us connected to the tv, because watching movies on Vudu is all we got til we move on to the next site. 🥱 More yawns.

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