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Pics From the Road 11-26-22

I guess what’s on my plate this morning is to show some pics from the road, according to Dan anyway. 😁

So here you go, Dan, and we’ll also get to the prompt for today, per the lovely Linda G Hill: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “on your/my plate.” Use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

The first pics from the road are of the ever-changing scenery that was in front of us as we made our way across parts of New Mexico and Arizona, through Tucson, to where we are now in Red Rock at the resort called Picacho Peak Rv Resort.

A hill compared to what we see here!

This interesting paint job on this diesel cab.
Getting bigger and rockier at this rest stop at the state line.

Same rest stop, different view.

Miss Brandy watching for Daddy to come back.

Dave fixing Thanksgiving dinner for us. Not room for more than one cook in the kitchen.

He wouldn’t let me help no matter how much I asked. 🙄

What was on my plate for Thanksgiving-sorry, I didn’t take a pic before I started to eat!

A giant saguaro Cacti as viewed from the dog park. (Pronounced so-war-o). Sorry, I didn’t mean to catch Whiskey in the act of peeing, should have edited that out!

I’ll be taking lots more pics as time goes on!


17 thoughts on “Pics From the Road 11-26-22

  1. Thanks for these photos! I didn’t meant to insist, but I was hoping you’d be feeling well enough to snap some. I love the scenery. That truck is a hoot, and I love the picture of Brandy in the driver’s seat.

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  2. Wishing you a wonderful time together. And thank you for sharing photos 😊
    About my SOCS, food habits and ways of eating vary from place to place in India. I don’t know how people eat meat and fish,etc. I have never used forks and knives. But we do use spoons for soups or porridge. Rice and sambhar we mix and eat with our fingers. My son plans to do post doctoral research abroad and he is saying he should learn to eat using forks, knives and spoons 😊

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      • 0f course not Kim.😊 customs and traditions are so different everywhere, it is difficult to understand if we do not experience them. I go to Asare, home for the mentally challenged twice a week. Before 2020, students from Europe came there for their internship and stayed for three or more months. The had their food there. In the beginning they did not know how to eat with their fingers. Then they learnt to and enjoyed it. But when it was time to return home, they would tell me at home they would not be able to eat with their fingers and would miss the experience.

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  3. rajkkhoja says:

    So beautiful & how fun road trip. Wonderful all photography. Nice scenery, amazing colour Diesel cabn, picacho peak RV resort and amazing whiskey pic. Beautiful Thanksgiving plate. And lovely pic for Brandy in the driver sit. I like!

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