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What Makes Me Brave?

An answer to the Bloganuary Prompt

I guess I’m participating in two prompts today, because yesterday was spent trapped inside the motor home during a howling windy and rainy day, so there is nothing new to write about really.

JustJoJan prompts are to write anything at all, even a grocery list counts, so any post I write will qualify, but today’s Bloganuary prompt asks, “What makes you brave?”

Well some would say I’m brave for having served in the military. That, to me, wasn’t the brave part. Deciding to leave the only home I’d ever known, and the grip of my overprotective parents was the brave part. I even fought to get in! I was on the radio and in the local newspaper as I battled to have one of the branches or the other accept my short self. Finally, the Army said they would take me. I was trying for the Navy because my dad served in the Navy. Alas, I wouldn’t change a thing because that would change the course of history, and I rather like the direction my life has taken.

Some would say I was brave for doing what we are doing. Well, I guess my husband and I were both born Nomads because he becomes as restless as me if stuck in a certain place too long for our tastes. In fact, he is restless now! So…in about a week, we are taking a four-day-trip to San Diego-a place I’ve never been, but he served part of his duty as a Marine. Basic training, I think.
Then, we will come back here for a few days, and take off to the west on the 23rd of January to a new resort for a month that is literally on a golf course! Our plan is to then come back to Picacho Peak for the rest of our commitment (until March 23).

The decision to retire and sell everything in order to accomplish all this was brave on both our parts, but I’ll admit, I was the pushy one! I’m an adventurous person at heart, yet sometimes I take on more than I can handle. Once I make a decision on a course of action, I try to see it through to the end. We talked about living this lifestyle for the next 5-7 years, so I’m going to do whatever I have to do to make that happen! Wish us both luck! The money has to last, the bus has to stay together (not to mention us) and all the conditions have to be right to accomplish our dream.


How was everyone’s New Years dinner? Ours was yummy, and I think Dave has this cooking in an RV down Pat!

Our delicious dinner! Cabbage, ham, and black-eyed peas!

Dave’s plate had not been filled yet when I snapped my plate, rest assured, he ate the same meal!

We spent the day fighting the wind and trying to stay warm and cozy and passed the time watching tv or my iPad. (I have Hulu and Prime on my iPad) Dave cooked the meal and I cleaned it up-he helped with that too! I tried to shoo him away, but he insisted. He’s a real keeper!


23 thoughts on “What Makes Me Brave?

  1. Yes, I call you brave because of kicking out the ruts and doing what you and Dave dream of doing. If drastic change of living is forced upon you, I think your attitude would show the degree of “braveness.”

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  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Very nice post. I call you, u are brave. Because you have so bravery & happiness. You served in the military. You are so lucky. Very nice made a food dish.
    Delicious dinner.
    You have degree of the braveness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes ma’am! It was our solution to saving money in our retirement while seeing places we wanted to see and visiting people we haven’t ever met, like my granddaughter in Ohio! That’s what’s on my bucket list…among other things!

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