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Safely Home Again

Just so I can get my “jot” in for the day, I’ll post real quickly that we made it home after what seemed like a grueling 8 hours on the road.

I am not sure of the math, but it normally takes 5 hours to get from here to San Diego, but! You lose two hours while in California, so we gave an hour back once we crossed into Arizona. Then spent another hour looking at the next place we’re going near Yuma.

Nowhere to go!

On the way we hit a traffic stop on a steep curve in the mountains. There was no where to go to get off the interstate. I suggested an exit that was right ther, but it turned out to be a lane for runaway trucks. This is a dangerous place, with possible rock slides. No reversal in direction was to be had.

Rocks and boulders surround us.
All the mountains looked like this for a while.

Once we got through that area, it was smooth sailing. But here’s the time dilemma. We left around 8am California time. We got home around 4pm Arizona time. So how long did it really take, figuring in stops?? My guess is about 6 hours…does that sound right? My brain is tired now and so am I. Nite y’all!


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