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Driving is the Best

Once upon a time, I decided to tackle three writing prompts today-Bloganuary and the JusJoJan/SoCS prompts for today.

What is your preferred mode of travel?

I thought about this for about ten minutes before coming up with driving as my answer. Why?

Sure, flying is fast and convenient, but all this rules and regulations make my teeth itch. Bus rides have way too many stops along the way, it feels like one is never going to get there. Trains might be cool, but with everything zipping by so fast, what do you really see?

For that reason, I say driving is the best mode of travel for me. I want to see the landscape change, and be able to stop if there’s something interesting to see. And, now that my wheels are also my house and all my belongings, I don’t have to pack a suitcase every time I want to move locations. Oh! I can move locations!

That is just what we will be doing come the 23rd of this month. We will travel to Wellton, Arizona, near Yuma, to stay in an RV Golf Resort for a month. It’s called El Rancho Mirage and we visited the site yesterday on our way back from San Diego. Dave will be able to golf and the sites themselves seem a bit more private. We did not go in the gates, so I didn’t see the entire resort, but they have everything this one does and more as far as amenities. It will be a nice change of pace and scenery, which is what it’s all about when you live the RV Life.

The view at El Rancho Mirage

After a month there, we will come back to Picacho -unless we like it better in Yuma- then go home to Ft Worth for a month or so before heading south to the Texas coast somewhere. It will be awesome to see my brother and the kids and catch up. Plus we have doctor appointments to take care of and probably other business to attend to by then.

So yes, driving is the best way to truly see and experience getting from one place to another and so far, we are enjoying the adventure!


10 thoughts on “Driving is the Best

  1. oklahomascentygirl says:

    We visited Arizona last year, it was my first trip there. Driving from Oklahoma to Arizona was a bit scary for me, I had never seen the desert let alone the big cactus! Enjoy yourselves!

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