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#JusJoJan 1-31-23 Let’s Write!

It’s the last day of Just Jot it January and here is today’s prompt: Your prompt for JusJoJan January 31st 2023, is “write.” Use the word “write” any way you’d like. Have fun!

First, a limerick!

There once was a girl who could write 

But she suffered a terrible fright 

If she lost her thoughts

They’d employ the robots

Her job would be gone out of sight!

This limerick is my homage to my fears about the newest technology ChatGPT. Will our jobs as writers and creators be replaced by robots? What are your thoughts?

Arizona is experiencing the coldest winter they have had in awhile, according to the locals and snowbirds that visit yearly. Still, we don’t have sleet and ice like my family and friends in Ft Worth do right now. I’ve been up since 4:30 due to rain making some god-awful racket that sounded like banging at the back of the bus. I thought something had come loose and was rattling around, or that the supports holding the slide outs were snapping and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I came into the living room and finished my book, and started another when Dave came in to check on me. I shared my concerns and he laughed and said it was rain drops falling from the top of the bus landing hard on the rear engine cowling. In the bedroom, it sounded much worse than that. I couldn’t hear it at all from the living area.

I just finished Stephen King’s book-Billy Summers and started The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand. Her writing style is different than King’s but nevertheless excellent. I’m already through with the first chapter and her writing is so descriptive! I wish I could write like that. I’ll make it my mission for this year. My writing is too close to the way I speak, I need to stop and think about how each sentence sounds and try to make the reader feel like she or he is there, truly experiencing it. Instead of saying it’s cold and windy today, I need to say something like “The cold wind whipped through my hair as I walked, making my eyes water and causing me to hunch down into my jacket.” Doesn’t that sound a little bit better?

I just need to slow down and think, and practice, practice, practice! And I need to learn to make stuff up instead of always relying on real life experiences.

With all that said, it’s time for me to hustle off again into the wind and join the others at the community center to play Mexican Train. We will see you on the flip side!


11 thoughts on “#JusJoJan 1-31-23 Let’s Write!

  1. AI not all it is cracked up to be & I hope I’m gone before it takes over the world. I believe it may one of these days even though writing that “out loud” makes me sound very conspiracy theorist. What is Mexican Train? I’ve not heard of that before.

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  2. So I was able to do it! Using Microsoft edge I was able to click where I wanted it to start reading it and say right click that, then say read aloud when I was playing read that. Christina left early to go get her knee shots in this crazy weather! I have not heard back from her yet but she left about 10 AM. It is in Plano! I will write her on messenger shortly. So I retried it, and it worked like a champ!! So I will be playing catch up for it while on your blog’s and I can do that independently! I will be able to read all of your flowery writing!! When I was a journalism major I had to take newspaper writing and I had to turn in my articles to be graded. When they would come back to me they would bleed red, and the professor would say that I was to flowery of a writer. He told me that I only needed to write the fax, and I said that’s why my concentration is in public relations!! I think that you write well on and on the main subjects that you are writing about you do use good detail!

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    • Thank you. Yes, writing articles is sticking to facts, but blogs, prose, poetry and creative writing, you can be as flowery as you like!
      I’m so happy you figured it out and can work independently!! That is fabulous! You are SO determined! I’m proud of you and happy for you!
      I hope Christina is fine, and that y’all’s weather improves rapidly!


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