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Range Trip and Lunch at the Grill

I was reminded that I haven’t been posting many rare cacti lately, and I did forget to show you all one we found in the desert on yesterday’s trip to the Barry Goldwater Range, so here you go!

Rare Corypanthra Robustispina. Taken with my iPhone -a type of beehive cactus.

Info from this site.

Coryphantha robustispina, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Scientific name:

Coryphantha robustispina, coryphantha sheeri ssp robustispina

Common name:

Robust spine beehive cactus, long-tubercle beehive cactus, Pima pineapple cactus


Southeast Arizona (around Nogales and on the eastern slopes of the Chiricahua Mountains), scattered locations in south New Mexico, and along the Rio Grande in west Texas


Spherical, slightly flattened stems, forming small mounds


Varied; scrubland, grassland, dry washes, woodland up to 6,000 feet


Pale yellow, with light red stripes

Different mountain range here, but makes a pretty picture.

Later on, we decided to have lunch on this side of the hwy at the Desert Bar and Grill. I wasn’t expecting much, but they had a decent menu and made a pretty tasty margarita on the rocks.

My drink of choice, although I prefer frozen. 😁

For some strange reason, there are bras suspended from the ceiling. Every bar has its schtick I guess. 🤣

See the colored bras?

We don’t typically dine in bars, but this place is local. I had a Cesar salad with grilled chicken and Dave had some kind of nachos. They were supposed to be a Spanish beef but tasted just like fish to me. Maybe the cook got confused? Either way, Dave didn’t get sick, so we’re all good! Talk about pushing your limits!


13 thoughts on “Range Trip and Lunch at the Grill

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful you sharing your desert trip to the Barry Goldwater Range. Beautiful you shar different cacti site. That’s
    I visite the site so wonderful. I like. Beautiful mountain pic. Nice you Frozen drink. Beautiful you sitting pic. 👌

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  2. Bras hanging but no dancing girls. I guess the girls are checking out the cacti. Thanks for the zoology lesson. That cactus is very spiny; I hate to take a fall on one. I guess that is true of any. I’d rather see than feel.

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  3. When I 1st read that you went to the range I thought maybe you when Dave went together to the golf range! So do you or have you ever played golf with Dave? Has he gotten the opportunity to play several times while there? And has he made any golf buds? Interesting cactus and it oh my about the bras!

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    • Lol! Yes, and I never got the chance to ask her what the deal was with the bras.
      No, I have not preyed golf with Dave, but yes, he’s gone a couple of times, but it’s expensive. If I don’t have something going on when he decides to play again, I may go drive his cart for him. No, he hasn’t made any golf friends, but our friends at Picacho keep texting asking are we coming back. That makes us feel missed, and good. We like that place better! It’s prettier, and we are more involved together there than here in some ways. But this place is cool too. I like the bowling and the easy access to everything we need.


  4. I figured that because you were residents there you would get a pretty good discount to play. It is always good to feel wanted especially when you were talking about them being very clicky and not really paying much attention to you because because you are from Texas. Like that you can think differently about them. Do you think the people where you are now are as nice as you thought? Good luck on being Dave’s caddie?

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