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Sports Sunday

After going into Wellton to get snacks for the Super Bowl potluck, we were ready. Dave was watching the end of the golf tournament, so I decided to go play chair volleyball before it was time for the big game.

Playing chair volleyball.

The pic shows the action while I sat out a round so others could get a turn. We had that many show up to play. This game was not only fun, it was hilarious. Your butt cannot leave the chair. You must rotate, just like real volleyball. It is hard people! But we laughed and hooted our way through it. I had some good volleys, but the reality was, we all sucked and need a lot more practice. Or do we? Maybe it’s supposed to be a silly, good time. We all had a laugh and a good time for sure.

I headed back to the motor home to get the snacks ready, grab David, and head to the activities center for the potluck and the game. Those chairs were uncomfortable, so we stayed a little while, ate some snacks and really good desserts, then headed home to feed and walk the dogs before halftime. I thought Rihanna put on a great show. Now we are watching the rest of the game. GO CHIEFS!!

Yeah, I’m from Texas, but my boys like the Chiefs and I don’t care for Philly…sorry Eagle fans! My sincere condolences if y’all lose!

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7 thoughts on “Sports Sunday

  1. I guess it was like you were sitting on stadium seating?? About what was a very good game, and in my opinion and then dad’s we could not hear a single word that she saying! Did you realize that she was pregnant? I did not see! Dad thought she was but did not say anything to me. I heard that she brought her OB/GYN to the game with her in case she went into labor LOL! She was 2 weeks from her delivery date. I have never really been a big Rihanna fan!

    Yay for the Chiefs! It was for the Eagles simply because I am an alumni for for the Mean Green Eagles (UNT)! Dad was for the chief but I did not really care who won I just did not want. To be a runaway game.

    Hey about the chair volleyball, I saw the video on the FB, and it looked fun! Is this something they play periodically? I am so glad that Dave went bowling with you.

    HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Do you have big plans with your sweetie? It is just another day or dad and I!

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    • Well, Happy Valentine’s Day from us!! 🥰😘😍
      Dave and I had no plans, and since we figured all the local restaurants would be booked for dinner, I suggested lunch. He took me to Olive Garden and we had a delicious meal, spinach dip as an appetizer, and Italian margaritas! It was very good and I ate way too much! No dinner for me will be needed I’m sure!
      Oh, it is so windy today! We are sitting inside because the dust is so bad when the winds are gusty across the desert.
      Yes, I saw that Rihanna was pregnant, and her show was a little risqué, but at the same time, at least she was fully clothed. I knew all her hits. We didn’t have stadium seating, lol, we were in the activity center, like a huge lunchroom, and they set up two bug screen tvs, and sat about 4 couples to a table. Tonite there’s a dance at the same place, but we aren’t going. We just aren’t quite ready to be in the older crowd yet, and Dave doesn’t dance in public, lol. Since we are already “living the dream” I was very satisfied and happy with our lunch date. 🥰😘
      Oh yeah, the chair volleyball is a new thing they do once a week. It was my first time, it was so fun! Have a great day! Love you! 😘☺️🤗

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