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Back to Beautiful Picacho Peak

Love this view every day.

I’m so happy to be back at Picacho Peak RV Resort!

But before I go on about that, let me say thank you to everyone that has looked at, liked, subscribed, or commented on my new works on Substack. I appreciate you!

We got back yesterday afternoon and we made such good time that I had time to visit a friend and go play cards. I hated to leave Dave on our first night back, but I was excited to see everyone…but not many people showed up. That’s ok, we will catch up to everyone eventually because we will be here another month.

Not that we didn’t have a wonderful time over at Rancho El Mirage, but I love the beauty and cleanliness of this resort. The desert has greened up as have the mountains and flowers are starting to bloom. I can’t wait to get out and take pictures and be inspired to write some poetry about this place. I wish, in a way, that would be staying through the spring because I’m going to miss seeing many of the cactus blooms I’m sure, but honestly, the beach is calling my name! That is my first love after all. ❤️

Today is Dave’s birthday, and he has heard from all three boys. ☺️ He has also had calls from his brother and some friends. We will probably stay in because he wants to cook dinner (yes, even on his birthday), and play games tonight. Even though it’s Mexican Train night, I’m not leaving him on his birthday and he doesn’t feel like going. Which is ok, because it’s his day, isn’t it! It may be his birthday, but he is my prize 🏆!
While we were in Yuma the other day, I bought him a new pair of tennis shoes and that was fine by him. He’s never been big on birthday celebrations, so staying in and eating dinner and playing some games is right up his alley. We have been married long enough that we know what each other likes and wants, so that’s what we do. 😀

Stay tuned for more news, activities, and pictures from this beautiful resort!


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