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One More Nice Day

We have one more warm, partly sunny day before winter returns here between Tucson and Phoenix.

It’s going to be in the 70’s before a storm rolls in tonight and leaves us with a much cooler week next week. At least we missed the sleet/snow that happened while we were away.

I attended a craft fair here at the clubhouse this morning. So many beautiful handmade crafts, tempting treats , and jewelry to see, but all I bought was a home made domino holder for playing Mexican Train. Now I have my own and won’t need to borrow one from someone.

Isn’t it pretty redwood?

Another thing that tempted me before Dave came and rescued me from spending all my money was this beautiful Dia de Muerta doll. I was considering for a gift, but $25 was more than I had with me. Maybe another time.

She was my favorite!

He had around twenty different dolls, all with different dresses, face styles, and hairdos. This one was my favorite and now I wish I would have bought her. There was also gifts made from Diamond Art projects others had made, pens and pencils fashioned from bullets, every kind of fabric craft you could think of, but the one thing I wanted was a card holder. Lots of local ladies make them, and Diane promised to make more, so I’m waiting.

Maybe I’ll finally go lay out by the pool while I can, or enjoy a walk up to the area where the new park models are going in. I just ate a homemade chili dog though and I’m feeling fat. The walk is probably a better idea. In shorts while I can get away with it, not tomorrow or the next few days! Warm temps had us looking for our next destination and booking it, so I think we have a winner.

Through the RVLife app, we chose Lafitte’s Hideout RV Resort on Mustang Island, but have not booked yet because they were busy. It was the most reasonable since prices have soared on the island since hurricane Harvey tore it up and they had to rebuild so much of it. Anyway, it’s a very nice looking resort, and we think we’ll stay the months of May and June before moving east.


11 thoughts on “One More Nice Day

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Can you stay decision it’s place wonderful.?
    Nice you share one more good day. Nice sunny day. Beautiful hand-made craft and jewellery. You bought Mexican game
    So pretty doll gift..

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