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A Perfectly Perfect Birthday

What a great day it has been here at Picacho Peak RV Resort!

It was 75 degrees, breezy at times, with minimal plans, so this morning I slept in til 7am and read in bed until I wanted coffee. Finished all my blog and email reading, at breakfast and caught the last 30 minutes of church. (I can’t get used to their time change) Washed a small load of laundry here at home, and at lunch I had some leftover soup and cheese nips since we had dinner plans with Mike and Bev.

At two I went and played bocce ball. We played two rounds and it was hot up on the hill, so I went home after that. Hung out a while until it was time to go to our friend’s house where we roasted weiners over a small fire pit. I had never done that before, so it was fun! Mike and Dave told stories and Bev and I shared pictures and talked about kids and grandkids. She made sides and brownies for dessert, then after learning it was my birthday, packed up 4 to take home and gave me a bd card with one of her custom painted prints! What a perfect day!

Roasting hot dogs over the fire pit.

What a special gift! It’s been a beautiful day with awesome people! On the way home, we ran into Karl, who almost ran over us in his golf cart, lol. He is the guy I’ve been hanging out with learning the tricks to rock tumbling. He’s taking me to the mine on the other side of the peak tomorrow to look for geodes. I’m so pumped about that!

Then Ken and Diane walked out of their house while we were talking. They are another couple we are friends with who are also going to be in Port Aransas while we are there. I can’t wait to meet up with them when we get there. We like this place a lot and have made some wonderful people I want to stay connected with.

Bev’s print she made into a greeting card.

Most of the friends we’ve made here either live here year round, or are going home to their home states in the north. Montana, Oregon, and Mike and Bev are going to Ohio. I really hope we run into each and every one of them somewhere down the road. If not, we shall return to Picacho in the future! Maybe next year, maybe not. We still have so much on our bucket list!! Remember, we’re just getting started! ☺️

Yesterday’s steps.
Today’s steps up to 7:30pm.

11 thoughts on “A Perfectly Perfect Birthday

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Nice hot dog fir pit. Wonderful greeting card. Very nice you share your great perfect birthday. You enjoy your family & friends. Very nice you do all your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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