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Wes’s Birthday Party

We left Alvarado to come into Ft Worth and go to my friend Julie’s husband Wes’s 80th birthday party.

Julie, getting ready to cut the cake. Wes to her right.

We were sitting at the end of the table with another couple that kept us entertained the whole time. We enjoyed dinner and Los Vicaros famously strong margaritas and good conversation. Wes and Julie had their hands full with family, kids, and grandkids. One of the grandkids was her son, Joshua’s daughter-Angelina. That’s her talking to Wes on his left. There s good story there, but it’s personal to Julie’s family so…

There was a slight fiasco with the balloons, but I’m sure what mattered to Wes was seeing all the friends and family that showed up to surprise him for his birthday.

A special gift from his daughter! Spectacular!

We ate and drank our way through dinner and had a really good time. Then Julie cut and served the cake. I was sure I was full and just asked for a chocolate covered strawberry, but then I tasted the cake. It was tres leches! Omg, it was beyond delicious. I had half a piece but unfortunately, dropped half my strawberry under the table. 🤣😂

Right before we got ready to go, I got a candid pic of Julie, we have known each other since our kids were young!

She is still so pretty!

Her daughter, whom she lost, was so gorgeous and her daughter, Carli is also beautiful. I wish I’d have taken pics of of her and Angelina. It’s a familial trait. Carli has two kids, Stryker and Ivy Rose. Sorry folks, I’m trying to watch Just friends, laugh hysterically, and blog at the same time after two margaritas and half a glass of wine. 😁 I think I’m doing pretty good, even if tears are currently streaming down my face!

In a side note, Dave went to his all time barber and my former “patient” at the lab. I had him trim my hair and he did such a fabulous job, I just might trade my hairdresser in for him!

Dave and I, Maybe I was chewing on a chip.
The happy couple.

back at Kevin’s house playing with our pups.


One thought on “Wes’s Birthday Party

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Nice you sharing your friend’s birthday celebration. Beautiful all birthday celebration photography.
    Happy Birthday to your friend 🎂! So pretty & good look photo with Dave .
    Tack care., Kim!

    Liked by 1 person

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