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Wacky Weather, After Dinner Walk, I Got Ducked!

What a nice Sunday dinner we had yesterday!

After four months on the road, we got to see our boys. My oldest brought me late Christmas and birthday gifts. We received a box of board games, really special because some nights we are tired of playing the same two games. We each got a scratch-off ticket and a gift card! Mine was for Amazon and Dave’s was for a PlayStation game. He doesn’t have that with us, but I’m sure he will get it at some point. We got a couple of cute cards too. So thoughtful! Last but not least, a book by Field and Stream on camping (but we don’t really do that). Still, it was thoughtful and the book has plenty of tips and tricks even we can use!

I’ve been waiting ever since we got our Jeep to get “ducked”! Anyone in the Jeeping community considers it an honor to be presented or surprised by a random “ducking.” To get a rubber duck to place in the windshield or on your antenna is a great thrill. Well, Joshua gave me my first duck yesterday! I was so excited and now that I can display it in the windshield, maybe it will open the door for more random ducklings. It’s so cute too!

My first duck!! Must be the Easter version 😁

Chris, our youngest brought the gift of his presence and that’s fine with me too. Just to see all my boys made my day!

While we were sitting around chatting on the patio and waiting for Sean to arrive, the weather got freaky and started raining and hailing!! Luckily, it moved through very quickly.

The biggest hailstones we’re about the size of a dime.

After a quick dinner, my brother and I decided to partake in a baked treat from the bake sail at his church that we “bought” with our donations. We have attended church with him at Bear Creek Bible Church for two Sundays in a row. Anyway, I had a turtle brownie that was more like a candy bar! We ate our treats with a hot cup of decaf. So delicious, but then I was over full and needed to go walk it off. I walked for twenty minutes ahead of another rain shower and took a couple of pics along the way.

Thunder from those approaching clouds made me walk briskly!

A fence row full of red trumpet vines. I’ve only seen orange before!

Soon, it was time for the boys to leave to get ready for work on Monday. What a blessing it is that all three boys are working full-time now. We all went to have a look at Sean’s “new” used car. This one is quite an improvement from his former suv. It’s an Explorer and the interior was super clean and nice. I hope this car serves him well, he works two jobs now.

Finally, remember when I showed y’all pics from Wes’s birthday party and I was sorry I didn’t take pics of Carli, her daughter, Ivy Rose, and Angelina -Julie’s granddaughter from her son Joshua? Here they are.

Wes, Angelina, Carli, and Ivy Rose.

3 thoughts on “Wacky Weather, After Dinner Walk, I Got Ducked!

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful duck the Easter version.
    You enjoy the Sunday with families.
    Nice you share photos. Your four months trip fineshed. You together family.


    • I think the duck means you’ve been accepted into the Jeeping community and they really like your Jeep.
      Thank you! I’d never seen red trumpet vines before. Yes, it’s awesome seeing family, can’t wait to see more friends too!

      Liked by 1 person

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