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You Might be an RVer if….

In true Jeff Foxworthy fashion, I’ve decided to give you a glimpse into the ins and outs of RV life.

You might be an RVer if…

You don’t get much sleep. (Cause you sleep with dogs)

You take waaay too many nature photos.

You cook literally everything in an electric skillet, or on the grill. (Seriously. Once in a while the Instapot or oven)

You enjoy game nights with your spouse because you’re so sick of TV. (We almost never played games with each other at home)

You find yourself stumbling in the dark in the middle of the night to throw pants and shoes on cause your dog needs to go potty. And you have to harness and leash the dogs so these must ALWAYS be easily located!!

You relish the rare phone call, or better yet;FaceTime call. (Hellooooo!)

You know your spouse better than you have in the 37 years you’ve been married.

You love seeing new places but hate traveling day.

You can throw your plastic trash out the front door directly into the waiting receptacle. (A collapsible trash can)

You talk to your dogs more than your spouse…like they understand every word. (And start believing that they do!) (actually, this applies more to my spouse than me)

You drink too much. (That’s debatable 🤣😂)

You have a new appreciation of nature, in fact of the simple things in life.

You learn new skills and become more crafty out of necessity. (How to do your own Rv repairs, making art with things found in nature.)

You learn new hobbies.

You become incredibly organized. (But your spouse still can’t find a thing)

Rock collecting is your new passion. (Seriously, folks)

You learn how to look over things like slightly brown salad. (Just use more ranch dressing.)

You become an expert in water conservation. (Just in case you find yourself boondocking)

You get sick of the same clothes. (Honestly, we had a lot more room and the weather changes constantly so until it stays one temperature for more than a month, it’s not that boring yet)

You’re definitely sick of your furniture. (I have to constantly change seats and positions because my lower back aches all the time)

You learn how little your really need to be happy. (We were in a four bedroom house and now live in around 350ft of living space.)

You rely on every available gummy there is. (ACV, probiotic, CBD, to keep your girlish figure and provide much-needed relief and whatever sleep you can get)

You walk as much as possible. (Did I mention waaay too much TV?)


Maybe I’m just a little jaded and a whole lot bored because there is literally nothing to do here. I cannot wait to get to the beach or at the very least, another 55+ park so I will be busier. 😁

Truthfully, we have it good compared to other RVers in smaller RVs. We have all the comforts of life, it’s just that the weather has not been cooperating and I Hate being stuck inside so much. I love the lifestyle we’re living, but there is a lot of humor in it. There were a lot more comical things I thought of, but can’t remember all of them at the moment.

If we were in a park that was closer to our family and friends I’d not be so bored, I’d be busy visiting! So I have to cherish the time I do have, and then it’s on to the next adventure!

Hopefully, other RVers will relate to some of this and add a few of their own!


12 thoughts on “You Might be an RVer if….

  1. Very cute! You will soon be around so much warm weather that you will find yourself not having to do so much laundry because you will be living in your bathing suit all the time! LOL! Hey, do you listen to audiobooks anymore find yourself getting caught up in reading? By the way, that was the cutest duckie that Josh got you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, I was so excited to finally get one!!
      Sean got me some lovely gifts too, very useful gifts.
      No, I don’t listen to audiobooks because I fall asleep on them, but I do read from a book every night! I’m reading on my Libby app still, it is through the NRH library but goes anywhere with me! Right now I’m reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. It’s difficult because she atrás each chapter with a different character and it’s kind of confusing, but I’m determined to finish it! How about you? What are you reading/ listening to?


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