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Blessed Good Friday

And Blessed Good Friday to you all!

We are just hanging around watching The Masters on TV and planning the weekend. Tomorrow we will be headed back to Kevin’s to celebrate his birthday and taking him to dinner, then Sunday…probably following church-we are going to Corinth to celebrate Charlotte Sadie’s first birthday with her and her parents Tori and Greg Atwell. They are David’s niece and her husband. Expect an introduction and lots of pics!

Yesterday we were doing the same thing, watching The Masters (it goes from Thursday thru Sunday for all you who don’t follow golf, and I was stitching a card holder for Rebecca. She is a the ex girlfriend of my youngest (but still and always a friend) and she is an activities director at a local assisted living out in Granbury. I hope she likes it and they need some more because they are fun to make.

Almost done with this set at that point.

I followed a specific pattern for this one, but changed my mind on the color scheme when I started the second half. I still put them together! What do you think? Think it looks weird?

These are to hold a handful of cards, for games like Phase 10 or Five Crowns.

Every Good Friday I’m reminded of my mom’s passing in 2014. Of course, the date was different on that particular Friday, but no matter the date, I can never forget because it was on a Good Friday. Is it just a coincidence that those we love always seem to go on or near a holiday? My dad passed away the day before Thanksgiving if you remember. Dave’s brother Charlie passed away soon after New Years Day.
Sad as it is to think about, we shall never forget them all. So many more too that we have lost through the years. It’s a good day to reflect and remember.

Easter Sunday is more somber as an adult than it was as a child. I remember being a young Catholic (back then) and looking forward to Easter to break the Lenten fast from sugar. Totally the wrong reason to look forward to Easter, but that is the trap most kids fall into…even though bunnies and candy have nothing whatsoever to do with the religious holiday.

It also seems as though the state of Texas reads the calendar because we always have our last cold snap at Easter time every year. I’m so ready for the warm up because I get tired of being stuck inside. Today I didn’t even bother putting on anything but sweat pants and a warm shirt. The most I’ve done outside is walk the dogs to the dog park. You’d thing it was 30 degrees outside looking at me in my jacket with my hood up, but it’s windy dang it! That at 57 degrees feels cold to me!

I was semi-productive though, I did my nails, lol! Maybe I’ll get some crochet project finished as well, cause I’m all out of plastics for making card holders! I wanted to get Kevin’s project done but the weather has been too windy to work outside, so they will have to wait until next week. I should have all my supplies to finish the projects by then too!

Have a Blessed Good Friday and a happy Easter everyone!


4 thoughts on “Blessed Good Friday

  1. Blessed Good Friday and Happy Easter!

    I like those cardholders. Could you lead me to the pattern and how they work? I always have trouble holding a lot of cards. And it would be fun to make these for game friends.

    Yes, it seems the Holidays, well, all days are more somber now. It seems, sometimes, I know more who have left us than those still walking the Earth. Between pets, my sister-in-law, and good friends of late, I can be happy as usual one minute and in tears the next. It’s so weird for me. So I feel your pain. Hugs! My friend. I hope it gets warm so we can go outside and play!!!


  2. rajkkhoja says:

    Blessed Good Friday & Happy Easter!, Kim!
    Beautiful you finished holding card. I like.
    So I feel your pain. Hugs, My dear friend. I hope it’s warm so can go outside. Pray to God 🙏


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