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Dave Gets a Biopsy

I got my way and convinced Dave to go get his eye looked at.

He has had cancer in the same spot that’s coming back so I felt like (and he did too) he needed a doctor of dermatology to check it out. Well, they did. He got a biopsy which, will be back in a week or less, and just needs to leave it open and put a little Vaseline on it til he hears back. They may have to send him to another specialist to do another Mohs surgery, but I’m praying not. It’s in the spot between the cheek and the nose, next to the eye. They scraped a bit off and sent it for the biopsy…it actually looks better now. I was hoping he would let me try my favorite essential oil, Frankincense, to heal it up, and he did…for a few days. He doesn’t believe in their power like I do. That being said, I don’t have science to back me up on this one, and doctors don’t respect the possibilities either. Some D.O.s, like my nephrologist do. Anyway, I’m so elated that he went, so now I pray. That it’s negative. That if it is, he can get the treatment here while we are home. That’s a big ask I know. I know the most likely treatment plan, and that means we’d get it done the next time we are home. But, we shall see.

After that, we took a friend to lunch, and after that! I went and visited with Stephanie and her caregiver-Christina. What a joy it always is to visit with them. Stephanie is doing well! And she got her hair cut which looks really cute on her. I’ll show you.

We had a good visit, but I felt like I monopolized the convo, so next time I want her to tell me more about her gym, and finding a caregiver for the summer months because Christina has to have a surgery that will have her down for three months! Always on the ball, Stephanie has created an ad and lots of her friends, including me, are trying to help find her one. It’s difficult because she has to play by the rules of her insurance and the company that hires help and pays her employees. It’s complicated, but I know she will figure it out! She and Cristina are both smart and resourceful and have a lot of connections.

Say a prayer for Dave and one for Stephanie and her Dad while you’re at it. Thanks in advance! 🙏☺️


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