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 #SoCS April 15, 2023

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “starts with mono.” Find a word that starts with “mono” and use it in your post. Enjoy!

Photo credit CDC

I remember when I was young and in the service that I contracted mononucleosis.

What a horrible time in my life that was, but that’s a story for another day.

This has been a pretty nice week at my brother’s followed up last night with friends Kerry and Michelle coming to visit and going to Frijoles for dinner and drinks. Yum! Always a good time and the staff still treats us like family, even after being gone for four months.

Today we are back at the bus in Alvarado and friends Julie and Wes are coming out later to hang with us…on the perfect day, as it turns out. The RV park is having a crab boil and entertainment with Jay-B and the Zydeco Posse! That’s why I said there’s more to come, because I’ll have to remember to take photos this time, since I completely forgot last night! Should be a great time with good friends and (hopefully, great food!) The music just adds a bonus to the party!

Yesterday, I finally got Kevin’s wall art project finished and hung, and made a gift for Josh’s girl, Shari as well! I forgot to take a picture of hers, but it looks something like this.

Only hers was in a piece of cholla that Karl gave me in Arizona and it was just one plant. Like the green one on the left.

The first view is close up so you can see the details including “butterflies “ I made from seed pods that fall from his trees in the backyard.

Sort of looks like a butterfly anyway.

Full on view with the decorated saguaro boots, and birds I ordered from Amazon.
The cactus I got on EBay.

I wanted so much more on the wall, but with the traffic that’s always on his patio in the summer, I was afraid the sculptures I’m making from the devils claws would get broken, however, I do have another idea for them to be added later. Pinterest gives me so many good ideas and inspiration. I told him the wall, therefore, is a work in progress. Besides, I don’t want to monopolize the space. I had Dave hang these pretty high to keep folks from bumping them off the wall. Another reason there’s “more to come.”

It will more than likely be tomorrow when I post about this evening’s festivities, but at least you know it’s coming soon!


9 thoughts on “More to Come

  1. I was meaning to ask you when you were here I felt when you were going to go to frijoles? And that if you guys ever go to get me a call so that I might and dad join you there. He wished that he could have seen you when you were here my house. I understand that more time to visit is spread thin while you are here. I am going to look back on your previous post. I did not get to comment as Christina goes too fast with the mouse and has already off the blog and deleted it before I realized, LOL! I still love her!! Have fun tonight!!

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